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Desc:...That did not go as planned.
Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Drunk, russia, Beatdown, Tractor, Poor Impulse Control
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Comment count is 18
look at those helpful russian citizens, beating up the perp before the police even show up, just to save them the trouble.
Justice is swift in Russia.

Too be fair, it is measured justice. They did stop after exacting the correct amount of retribution.

I mean, if that was my car, I'd likely demand satisfaction as well.

American Standard
Being too drunk to even defend himself probably saved him from a much more catastrophic beating. Even if he had hit my car with that thing, I'd probably lose the will to pummel him after four or five punches, too.

should have "accidentally" shot him 20 times like the police in the good ol' USA.

I didn't see the tags and had it on mute, but as soon as I saw the guy yank him out and start punching him in the face my first thought was "Wait...is this Russia?"

They were administering CPR to his face.

One punch administered for each car he hit. Our heroes did not bother to change into track suits given the immediacy of the problem.

Being drunk on tractor makes you as bad a driver as being drunk on bourbon.
Oscar Wildcat
Caution: do not operate heavy machinery under the influence of Tractor.

"Tractor Malt Liquor"

thank you gentlemen, my fortune is made!

Billy the Poet
Was he drunk on love? No! He was drunk on tractor!

Robin Kestrel
^ for Billy.

Tractor is an understatement.
I believe this is a "Front End Loader"

Man, these Killdozer sequels are really weak.

Tractor-pulling no punches.
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