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Desc:A little kid writes an episode
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Dexters Labratory, little kid
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Comment count is 18
stanleypain - 2007-01-17
One of the best Dex. Labs. Why isn't this on DVD?
thebaronsdoctor - 2007-01-17
You are stupid because you made the shrinking ray be on grow!
Mayberry Pancakes - 2007-01-17
The way they animate along with his narrative is precious. "And then he said..."
Pandatronic - 2007-01-17
pull Man, Cartoon Network had some huge ones to pull this off.
Killer Joe - 2007-01-17
They need to do CSI like this.
Honest Abe - 2007-01-17
awesome. i've always loved this one.
panipuri - 2007-01-18
I love that this kid has mastered the art of tricking people at the age of 6 1/2. Wonderful!
Caminante - 2007-01-18
Whose head was that at 5:00 and 5:29?
tamago - 2007-06-17
I think I may have been his mom.

Hooper_X - 2007-01-18
That is precious.
blackbetta - 2007-01-19
I would watch a whole cartoon series like this.
Portaxx - 2007-02-06
Kid does a great Dexter impression
Kumquatxop - 2007-03-19
yeah. there really needs to be more of this
fluffy - 2007-03-28
He does Dexter's voice so perfectly
HURF BLURF DUH - 2007-05-18
tamago - 2007-06-12
And don't forget...YOU ARE STUPID.
B. Weed - 2010-02-19
The kid who did this is 18 now. I like to think he's off somewhere laughing his head off at Axe Cop.
B. Weed - 2010-02-19
make that 19. I is good at maths.

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