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Desc:Marty-Stu fantasy.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:french kiss, fan fiction, Dragon Ball Z
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Comment count is 12
(I don't think it's real).
I hope HIS parents get divorced!
Wait...so this ISN'T a real episode of DBZ?
il fiore bel
Hmm... nope. This one is actually 50% less gay.

Of course not. The animation is far too good.

The real giveaways are characters that use complete sentences, a lack of non-word verbalizations that make it sound like the voice actors are jerking off while carrying furniture up stairs, and no non-sequitors filling time while the script waits for the mouths to stop moving.

Shoebox Joe
Probably the only Dorkly video that will get anywhere around here.

Seriously, there is only about 1% of video game humor that you will ever read that won't make you feel like a total slut. I haven't found anything to put a decimal point in that tally though.
This is way better animated than the real one.
Wow, Brian sounds really cool.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This is the exact opposite of the Pikachu cursing video.
Fuck this guy, my totally original Dragon-Ball Z character is at least five times better.

His name is Toeku and he's half Super Saiyan lvl 4 and half Big Slammu from the Street Sharks.
Sudan no1
but sharks don't have hair, how can you tell they've gone super saiyan?

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