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Desc:Hahaha. Oh, Russia, you can keep him.
Category:Advertisements, News & Politics
Tags:russia, WTF Russia, David Duchovny, beer commercial, siberian crown
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Comment count is 14
I actually expected this to be a British beer.

Sorry, Russia.
Everything that made him so perfect in The X Files is exactly what makes him so awful in anything else.
I unironically enjoyed Playing God.

Yeah, full disclosure: I've really hardly seen anything he's done that's not X Files.

infinite zest
I caught an episode of Californication (which I think is over now so I might just watch the whole thing) and he's perfect as this sort of mixture of Brett Easton Ellis and Charles Bukowski. The show's hilarious but for whatever reason I never watched it, probably confusing it with the Brad Pitt film Kalifornia or my dislike of the Red Hot Chili Peppers except for John Frusciante's always-amazing guitar work.

As far as I know Duchovny got his start with soft core porn and always has this wonderful dissociative attitude, not unlike Jeff Goldblum. What was this commercial about?

infinite zest
hitting the "translate" button in the comments is pretty illuminating:

Руслан Поляков
15 hours ago

Good movie, as many goosebumps. But Putler - still a fascist and a murderer. That's the way.

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Воин Бобра и Света
15 hours ago

You lie. Your government.

8 hours ago

And he eats crab and children, it sounds more plausible. Where Putin killer, where Putin fascist dill? And indeed it is the same thing that the U.S. government brainless compare all U.S. residents, that is absurd.


infinite zest
OZ for a bit of context here's a scene from the show that I could've sworn was on here but fuck if I can find it..


Not a spoiler at all. Like the X Files or Trailer Park Boys you can kind of tune in anytime.

Yeah I'm not ashamed to admit I liked Californication as fluff escapism watching Duchovny play Duchovny.

For the first season anyway. Started slowly going downhill after that and becomes the most unwatchable piece of shit after season 3.

So nobody else liked Evolution?

The Mothership
0:38 is an amazing frame.

Also, 1:36: Scott Thompson?
Weird Al Yankovic has a russian last name. Do him next.
Then he jumped on the hood of a moving car.
Getting a bit too close to Putin's act there, son.
The small, beady eyes of a criminal
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