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Desc:Cable in the 90s
Category:Classic TV Clips, Classic Movies
Tags:laughing, cable, scuba, Waterworld, Pay Per View
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Comment count is 19
chumbucket - 2012-10-05
That's right, keep laughing because we're about to CHARGE YOU for watching this pile of poop.
Jet Bin Fever - 2012-10-05
Because we know our customers are stupid and will watch anything.
kingarthur - 2012-10-05
Imagine if this made his clip reel for auditions. It probably did.
Xenocide - 2012-10-05
Just when you least expect it...MONIQUE BIENVILLE!
Hooker - 2012-10-05
It's hard to imagine the 90s gave us Nirvana and shit like this. Or maybe it isn't.
Koda Maja - 2012-10-06
The 90's were like any other decade, a few gems among a sea of shit.

Ocyrus - 2012-10-05
My most shameful secret is havin seen Waterworld in the theater.
Pompoulus - 2012-10-05
Come on man it was the 90s, what the hell else are you going to do.

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2012-10-05
Why does everyone shit all over Waterworld? I remember critics calling it one of the worst movies of all time and never giving an explanation. I, for one, enjoyed Waterworld multiple times. I mean, Kevin Costner plays some kind of magical mermaid with the super power of being able to sell dirt. What's not to like?

Riskbreaker - 2012-10-05
It's the same with Showgirls, a silly soft-core flick suddenly becomes the WORST THING EVER just because critics like to have a punching bag every once in a while to show us how sophisticated they are.

Pompoulus - 2012-10-08
The big reason Waterworld was probably so panned is because it was at the time I believe the most expensive movie ever made.

The money went towards building an entire set out where there was no land in sight. It wasn't really money well spent.

But in itself I think the movie was fine.

Pope Caius - 2012-10-05
I know someone who owns the Waterworld board game.
Screwtape - 2012-10-05
Did you have to add water?

Seven Arts/H8 Red - 2012-10-05
I can't think of a way to promote Waterworld, and NOT mock it at the same time.
Riskbreaker - 2012-10-05
Insert 40 coins to watch next scene.
Caminante Nocturno - 2012-10-05
I hope this man is dead, and I hope his death was terrible.
cognitivedissonance - 2012-10-06
What you are now, I once was, what I am now, you too shall be.

big pincers - 2012-10-07
requesting "cocaine" tag
Old_Zircon - 2016-05-27
I'm pretty sure I saw that exact shirt at the Good Will last winter.
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