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Desc:FACT: over 47% of people who are raped think of themselves as victims.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:republicans, GOP, romney, Mourdock
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 9
You know, Akin got a lot of flack for what he said, but I think people have misinterpreted it as a gaffe. There's actually a lot of conservatives that actually believe in that alternate version of human biology.
Look, God has a personal relationship with each and every one of you. Everything that happens to you happens because of God's mysterious plan. Like, when he planned for a large number of people to be killed and displaced during Katrina because of our deep seated affinity for the Gays (which he also planned because he's in charge of everything).
Why is it that the ones without vaginas have the loudest opinions about them?
Really? His is large and weepy.

I think it's atrophied and foul smelling because of bacterial vaginosis from repetitive douching.

Jet Bin Fever
I hope this ad has an impact... but I doubt it will.
At least we're entering a climate where absolutely everything is okay so long as you barf the word "God" onto it. Now we're finally questioning whether or not God should be attached to certain sentiments. It's like, as a culture, we're starting to feel embarrassed for God, or, worse yet, horrified by our possible future.
"not okay," I meant to say. I am getting less and less literate the more I'm stuck on this toil box.

grow rer pamfrit, errrhhh u mehr u knerr da smerrrr ya gerrrrrrrr

i am fluent in futurespeak

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