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Desc:That dang MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD does it again!
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:florida, butthurt, allen west, kiss him goodbye
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Comment count is 12
That LIEberal and his LAWYERS stopped our lawsuits that didn't involve lawyers in any way!!
That's my word.

The poor guy who spend 14 million on this campaign simply cannot afford the legal burden to continue this obvious case of voter fraud.
And the condescension of voters continues in the video's comment thread.

Such amazing bitterness, often cloaked in religion. At least keeping the fundies in their fold ensures it'll be awfully hard for the GOP to win elections in the future... finally.
I'm convinced we got lucky and we run the risk of making the same mistake they made in 2010, mistaking ground game hustle success for mandate. Next time we won't have an incumbent and you can be damned sure they'll not repeat the multiple-billionaires-backing-multiple-horses during the primaries they made this last time.

Poor little bitch-fascist and his bitch-fascist dreams.
For those of you who didn't follow this, after the initial recount, he had actually lost by MORE votes.
So long, you giant, giant asshole.
Eroticus E
Jet Bin Fever
When I first heard about this I laughed for several minutes. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
Caminante Nocturno
(Stock Image)
Hay Belly
What is a flash email
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