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Desc:Featuring The Fat Boys
Tags:square one, Fat Boys, PBS, mathnet, Little Louie
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Comment count is 10
I'm pretty sure I had a boyhood crush on Kate Monday.
She had great 80s hair, and has aged very nicely.

The Mothership
get in line, son.

If I could invent a time machine that would constrain me to one era of my life I would relive the 80s repeatedly and explore every facet of it that I didn't have the time or wherewithal to appreciate the first time. Also I would somehow find a way to make Kate Monday sleep with a 13 year old.

Since that's impossible, at least I have YouTube clips.
Spike Jonez
I loved the hell out of this show. Oddly enough, whenever I think of Mathnet, this is the episode that comes to mind.
The God of Biscuits
Great show, but the clip needs more Mathman.
Everyone I try and explain Mathman to thinks I made it up.

The Mothership
good afternoon mr delorean, how'd you like my nudnik?!
I got a new car, which makes me better than you!

Five stars because this was my favourite show growing up.

Glad to see it stands up on more than just fond memories.
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