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Old_Zircon - 2012-12-06

This is the stuff.

EvilHomer - 2012-12-06

Thanks, internet. Never change old buddy.

Doomstein - 2012-12-06


Spoonybard - 2012-12-06

And he just goes on like that for seven minutes

TeenerTot - 2012-12-06

Now you can hear Justin's greatest hits! Including:
Modest Meganium!
Love You Like a love Song-Reshiram! and
If You Don't Like My Wife, you Can Get hit by Blue Flare!

Seriously. Related vids.

StanleyPain - 2012-12-06

If you Don't Like My Wife You Can Get Hit By A Blue Flare is not as developed a masterpiece as the haunting and bittersweet Moltres In The Sky.

twinkieafternoon - 2012-12-06

Reshiram's aunt was the only family that could make it for her (him?) (it?).

misterbuns - 2012-12-06

Utter beauty.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-12-06

I often wonder what an alternate universe where Japan never existed would look like. What would damaged people like this glom onto?

I mean, maybe they'd stalk celebrities, which might sound creepy at first, but after this video... It just seems a lot healthier.

animegurl1000 - 2012-12-06

I love that the seats closest to the bride and groom are empty.

EvilHomer - 2012-12-06

What the hell is a Reshiram, anyway? Is it a fan character? Is it new? I don't recognize ANY of the Pokemon this guy talks about. I'm hardly an expert on the franchise, but I know the basics, like Pikachu and Slowpoke, and I can usually vaguely recollect the more obscure ones guys like Chrischan bring up on occasion.

Reshiram? Moltres? Luigia? The fuck are those things?

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-12-06

This thing really took off about 1 minute in.

Craptabulous - 2012-12-06

Makes me sad I did my latest stash of MDMA before I found this.

His beats are actually decent, I find myself bobbing my head to it, which frightens me on a whole other level.

kennydra - 2012-12-11

It's probably a track from DDR.

gravelstudios - 2012-12-06

I refuse to believe this guy is real. It must be some kind of performance art or something.

Big Muddy - 2012-12-10

And that alone only emboldens him I'm sure. I'm also pretty sure he's a real Pokemon.

DriverStabby - 2012-12-07

This is the best thing.

kennydra - 2012-12-14

The radio announcer speaks, "Next up, we are going to talk to a man who married a Pokémon. Yes, really. We will be back after a word from our sponsors."

The radio announcer continues "Welcome back to Pokémon Alternative 99.7 FM. in the studio we have a man named Justin Coolidge, who said "I Do." with a Reshiram. Is this right, Justin?"
Justin responds, "Yes, I did marry a Reshiram. In fact our love is strong."
The announcer asks, "What is it like being married to a Fire Type Pokémon?"
Justin responds, "I cannot count the amount of times I was asked that same very question. Well anyway, I don't really think it is any different that a typical marriage. Aside from my Reshiram wife can keep me warm in winter. I hate cold temperatures."
"Is this the only reason why you married a Reshiram?" asked the announcer. You don't find too many Pokémon/human marriages, there is got to be some reason." asked the announcer
Justin responds, "No! I love Reshiram and she loves me, it is more just her keeping me warm. It's true love!"
"You love your Pokémon wife don't you" asked the announcer "even though she is a Pokémon"
"Yes I do, love is love, it doesn't matter if one is a human and the other is a Pokémon, as long as you love each other." Justin replied
"so, being married to a legendary Pokémon, not to mention she is a lot bigger than you and a lot more powerful too, does it make living, life, and activities harder to do together?" asked the announcer
"No actually, it makes it more interesting actually. Especially the love making. As for Reshiram being so powerful, she is overly protective of me and I like it." Justin answered
The radio station phone rings and the announcer's assistant answers it. Justin's wife Reshiram is at the other end of the line."
"Hey, Corey" (the announcer's name) "this is Justin's wife, Reshiram. Yeah we love each other lots, and I protect him with dear life. I have been listening to your conversation with my husband. As you said, I am a powerful legendary Pokémon and that is why I protect him. 80% of Pokémon are liable to take a human down in one attack. So I am overly protective of him." Justin's wife Reshiram explains
"That's right!" Justin says "it is a dangerous world out there with lots of powerful Pokémon"
The announcer asks, "How did you two meet?"
"We met when my foot was trapped in a trap. And Justin freed me. I never left his side since. Our relationship just grew and grew until it became love. Thankfully, Pokémon/human marriage is legal in our area." Reshiram explained
Justin adds, "It was like we were meant for each other, every day and ever minute we just clicked." I wonder if Arceus had that trap thing happen for a reason!"
"I was wondering that myself! You see announcer? It is things like that that proves we were meant to be!" Reshiram stated
"Totally amazing!" the announcer said loudly "I have never heard of Pokémon/human marriage that was meant to be!"
"Now you have!" Reshiram and Justin said at the same time.
Agai... Justin and Reshiram start talking at the same time. "Go ahead, Reshiram" Justin says
Reshiram continues, "See how we said that at the same time, another example! You are seeing examples just on this radio interview you are having with Justin. You have to be convinced by now!"
"I am!" the announcer stated. "I am impressed"
"Pokémon/Human marriages do work!" Justin says
"Yes they do, you are 100% Justin" Reshiram adds
"You are more love in your Pokémon/Human marriage than some of those Human/Human traditional marriages."
"Exactly!" Reshiram and Justin says at the same time
The announcer says "I guess another example; you two just said that at the same time again! Holy cow!"
"We love each other" they both say at the same time again
"OK, I know for a fact now it is meant to be!" you know each other like a book!" the announcer says " well that's all the time we have right now, thank you for listening to Pokémon Alternative 99.7. And lets all thank Justin and Reshiram for this interview."
After the whole radio show is over and the ratings were in. the interview gets high ratings.

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