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Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:cats, Mario, video games, CATegory
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Comment count is 14
Binro the Heretic
Ear goombas.
il fiore bel
Meh... the fact it's fake kind of ruins it for me.
White Trash Party
How is it fake? Serious question.

Even if it is fake it's still funny. The spazzing in time with the mario jump sounds is hilarious.

il fiore bel
Someone is tugging a string across the rug at the moment Mario jumps.

It's really obvious around 1:17, if you look to the right.

Thanks for ruining the magic.

il fiore bel
Hey now, he's the one with the lousy cameraman.

Well, it's not fake unless that's the original description. If it's someone getting their cat to jump when Mario jumps, then it's real.

il fiore bel
'Well, it's not fake unless that's the original description.' Oh well, that clears it up. As long as no one SAYS they're pretending, then it's for real.

And there is no original description. The only 'description' is in the title. And judging by the title, the original video is not about someone getting their cat to jump to Mario jumps. It's about a cat being scared of Mario jumps, when in reality it's about their cat being scared of a stupid string being pulled across the carpet, which is then passed off as a cat being scared of Mario jumps.

Even if you don't consider it fake, it's still dishonest.

Yeah, fuck this guy in the ear with his Dishonest youtube cat video. Call a senator or all of them.

Anyway, if he does this long enough I'd expect the cat to eventually be trained to be ascared of the associated mario jump sound.

Fuck it, even on mute it's funny.

Comedy gold.
Comedy fool's gold.

It's-a me, ear mites!
Robin Kestrel
Well, I'm an American, so I love dishonest things so long as they make me feel good. Five stars.
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