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Desc:A blue griffin/dragon has an epiphany
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:Furries, horrible people, yiff, causing a scene, perpetual high school
Submitted:Maggot Brain
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Comment count is 27
Meerkat - 2018-11-17
Can we get Grandpa Larrabee to read a transcript of this?
jangbones - 2018-11-20

really I want him to read anything, his ranty lisp hypnotizes me

Chicken the Did - 2018-11-17
There used to be at one point a clown fandom (Which actually had nothing to do with the rap group) who dressed as clowns, went to clown conventions and had clown orgies.

Some of the notable members included POE exhibits. You had Ouchy the male dom clown and the aptly named Knockers the Clown.

Nobody ever believes me since their online presence has completely vanished over the years.
SolRo - 2018-11-17
Because Creepy Clown Orgy sounds like the thing of urban legends

Zoot42 - 2018-11-18
I remember seeing that ancient clown porn article on something awful. Is it possible they all got absorbed into the juggalo fandom? Considering the amount of drugs flaunted in those gathering of the Juggalos videos, I think it might be possible.

cognitivedissonance - 2018-11-18
They are still around. If you value your sanity, don’t look at the rules of competitive clowning.


Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2018-11-17
Maybe thats one way the USA is truly democratic.. Weird orgies are for poor people too, not just wealthy elites.
Born in the RSR - 2018-11-18
The dogging community would like a word with you, sir.

Maggot Brain - 2018-11-18
Also this this video I posted about Freddy Mercury and Aleister Crowley.


poorwill - 2018-11-18
This is right in line with what I imagined, actually.
casualcollapse - 2018-11-18
Anybody that tries to push their fetish into the public eye this much deserve scorn and deridement,I have my share of kinks but I'm not wearing them on my shoulder as such.
MacGyver Style Bomb - 2018-11-18
Asshole spends over 30 minutes complaining about other assholes.
You People Are Idiots - 2018-11-19

Robin Kestrel - 2018-11-18
Good on this guy. Imagine actually maturing as you get older.
Old_Zircon - 2018-11-18
Actually this is more or less as bad as I thought.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2018-11-18
It may be that instead of the furry community being replete with pedophiles, online predators have found the furry community to be easy prey. Do you see the distinction?

Okay, never mind.
Xenocide - 2018-11-18

In this video I will discuss how furries fell into a vat of toxic waste, became hideously deformed and now fight crime using a mop. Runtime: Four and a half hours.
Seven Arts/H8 Red - 2018-11-19

Caminante Nocturno - 2018-11-19
Over the years, furries have gradually been getting more and more attention from the general public, and they've mistaken that for acceptance.

But we haven't forgotten.

No, we haven't forgotten.
Xenocide - 2018-11-19

Callamon - 2018-11-19
Fucking funny comment coming from you.

Redford - 2018-11-19
I am going to quit the furry community a video posted by a man who represents himself within the video via a deviantart-tier picture of a blue gryphon/dragon hybrid and makes "Kill yourself" jokes.

Crab Mentality - 2018-11-19
I'm surprised that nobody else picked up on all of the recycled terms and arguments this guy used- he's sidestepping the real issue. Because it seems like me that all of his friends discovered he was alt-right, and then started calling him a nazi piece of shit, so he's taking his ball and going home.
MacGyver Style Bomb - 2018-11-19
The Ben Garrison comics are a big giveaway.

Baron_Von_Bad_Beaver - 2018-11-19
I recently went to a furry convention. I was bored and it was close by in Dulles, so I rode on over. To be honest, it was ok. People were pretty nice, I had some fun; got drunk and played some party games with a bunch of goths and some dude who was dressed as baphomet who liked to DJ on a laptop at the front patio.

I could also sense the porn that simmered under the surface.

As far as the guy quitting the community, I'm guessing he got called out for being a hypocrite nazi scumfuck. He's probably Jay Naylor.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2018-11-21
An Alt-Right furry. What a guy. Will wonders never cease.

I read a news article a few years ago about the death of some Russian dude who was a spam merchant AND a Scientologist AND a pedophile of some sort. So there is that.

Boomer The Dog - 2018-11-21
The title card looks like it has Cool Cat.

I agree, it sounds like it's time for him to go, he's had enough.

I see a lot of these problems he's talking about, and see it as less of perpetual high school, more that there are high expectations among a small tight group of people, leading to conservatism.

I think you can help yourself with a lot of it, like why stay in a roleplay room if you're constantly getting hit on and you don't like it, and you don't need to run a Discord server with a thousand members who use your logs against you.

Anyone see this past Sunday's This Is Life with Lisa Ling on CNN? It was all about Furries and should be up here if it was available, it's breaking news!

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