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Desc:He's only out for himself.
Category:Pets & Animals, Pets & Animals
Tags:tmnt, rat king, Toy Review, Last Year
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Comment count is 6
This guy puts a distorted audio clip at the end of every review.
He may have an unanswered calling as a dj.
Also, I hope "Tranny gamer" dosent mean what I think it means.
The first thing that comes to mind is that "tomgirl" Chris-chan.

It means exactly what you think it means. He does his Super Mario Bros 2 Let's Play in drag.

Jet Bin Fever
Well, if "he" is truly a tranny, it isn't really drag, now is it? I think we've been over this in other submissions.

Jet Bin Fever
Of all the TMNT toys I liked Rat King, Casey Jones, Krang, and Leatherhead the best. Leatherhead had the working jaws (you could pull his head apart too) and came with a shotgun, which was pretty rad. There were plenty of other good ones too.
There were plenty of bad ones though too. Possibly the worst I owned was the Foot Soldier, because he looked permanently like he was trying to take a dump and had these big arms and legs attached to a tiny torso and the legs or arms would break off. I had two of them and both were amputees.
I really don't even want to remember how many TMNT figures I had. More than a single child should, that's for certain. Funny thing is, I got some for Christmas along with the blimp when I was like 5 or 6 and it was all new and I didn't even know of the show, comic or concept. The toys themselves WERE my introduction.
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