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Desc:Yes, it's a video of a toddler being tattooed.
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:tattoo, bad parenting, 666, moans of the dying, Creciendo En Gracia
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Comment count is 31
thanks, I'll just take the preoloader and throw your stars on the way out
Jet Bin Fever
This is a child abuse video, but I can't help but feel it belongs here somehow.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
No thanks.
If you refuse to watch a video, it is five stars.

Yup. I made it 10 seconds. Five Stars (Technical).

Yeah, 5 stars for evil, but I'm not watching this.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Please let everyone involved get arrested.
Don Taye
That kid is SO FUCKING COOL.
Adham Nu'man
He's right up there with the smoking baby. 5 stars even though the video has already been pulled.

Those tears of pain are just weakness leaving his body.

It like getting a vaccination, but unhealthy for you! Or more like 700 vaccinations!
A vaccination against being a nerd, maybe?

But the kid is going to grow, the tattoo is going to stretch into ugly striations, and your kid will hate you.

Evil, 5 stars.
pretty sure he already does

lets forget the mother for a minute, what kind of tatoo artist willingly does this to a toddler?
Most of them.

Most of them.

Was hoping for a tramp stamp.
John Holmes Motherfucker
The evil is ambiguous, the stupid is staggering.
Yeah, it's hard to see this as "evil", but stupid? Sure.

Unless the mom was getting the kid a Periodic Table tattoo.

Hugo Gorilla
Well, really, if mom and dad have tattoos, the kid will feel left out without one and isolated from his own parents. That's no way to grow up.
why mom
First you were screaming cause we wouldn't let you get a tattoo

Now you're screaming after we finally let you get a tattoo

Make up your mind child
Some backstory here: There's a religious cult all over Latin America called Creciendo en Gracia. The leader claims to be both Jesus and the Antichrist and promises wealth to loyal followers. He also supports his members getting 666 tattoos and says children who grow up in Creciendo en Gracia are the master race. So yeah, some woman got the bright idea to tattoo her kid.
That... that's awesome.

666 tattoo, raised in an Antichrist cult, AND a member of the master race? He's going to be one MEAN ASS preschooler!

Jim Hensen's Hep-C Babies.
Spaceman Africa
Why did I vote this up ughhh
one of us one of us

Hay Belly
Kid was more chill than all you babies at the end.
Binro the Heretic
Please tell me some authorities somewhere are hunting down all the adults involved in this abomination.

No, I'm not watching it.
If paranex is right, it may not actually be illegal where it was done. Monstrous, but not illegal. =(

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