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Desc:His Sexiness takes on Sylvia Browne and Shawn Hornbecke.
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:james randi, anderson cooper, sylvia browne
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Comment count is 15
I agree with Burl Ives there.
Testicles of Doom
Mayberry Pancakes
Of all the people to prey on. Dear God, this woman is unforgivable.
Hundreds of cases with positive results? I call shenanigans.
Google image search for "hispanic dreadlocks" turns up nothing Sylvia.
Why would the police divert resources to follow her lead to begin with?
Some Puerto Rican Guy strikes again!
Jimmy Labatt
Jesus Christ this is funny.
1:43-1:50 What?!
You tell 'em Sigmund Freud!
Obviously, that's not really the kid. It's an evil clone planted by Randi to discredit Ms Brown!
BUT BUT BUT, if all of Randi's tests turn out the way he predicts, doesn't that make him psychic?!
Special Dave
My dad buys all this bitches books. I should show him this video.
Dummy Rum
The crazy lady was right.... psychics are dark sided!
"Women are almost twice as likely as men to believe that psychics can foresee the future, 18% versus 8%."
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