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Desc:Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. What a sad train wreck.
Tags:80s, wwf, jake the snake, :(, jake roberts
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 9
He asked for about 00 and it looks like the campaign has raised about 30 grand. Fucking awesome.
I donated to get a signed 8x10. That'll look awesome in my locker!
The tale of Huggy "The Horse" Roberts is not an easy one to tell.
Five for DDP. He really seems like a classy guy.
This is a real change of pace from that Balls Mahoney interview.

Is he really giving away signed underwear? I'd send the poor guy a couple bucks for nothing, just 'cuz, but if I can score some genuine Jake the Snake underwear, oh man!
Jet Bin Fever
One of my favorite wrasslers as a little kid. I had his toy and would kick the shit out of Big Boss Man and the Honky Tonk Man. Sometimes Honky Tonk would help, cause F' da po po.
How much of that goes to his crack dealer?
Tryin' real hard not to be Randy the Ram
I'd love for Jake to stay clean and keep healthy, but if the idea is to get back in shape for "one last run", why would you send him back into the very business that turned him into a basket case to begin with?
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