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Desc:Because nipples destroy children's lives.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Nipples, misogyny, GOP, moobs, not the onion
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Comment count is 6
A felony? More like the highlight of my day...

What else are they going to criminalize? Five dollar bills you find on the sidewalk?
Come hither looks, accusations of rape, showing some ankle, having children out of wedlock and claiming they're a sitting politician's even with a positive paternity test, etc.

You know, the usual family values stuff.

il fiore bel
External organs of sex and of excretion? I'm afraid you're Raining Doo-Doo Brown all over the wrong area. Try getting some of these females (and males) to stop letting their full bare ass cheeks slip completely out of their pants whenever they bend/kneel down to pick something off of the ground.

I guess it's a good thing they'll be attacking nipples, though. After all, it's nipples that allowed an unattended hungry dog to eat the toes of an infant. It's areolas that murdered a disabled girl and scattered her body in the woods. Don't look to the mom who didn't properly secure her handgun and fell asleep while her toddler wandered in the room, or the guy who drove crazy drunk with a young child in the back seat. I'm tired of dumb cunts pretending they know what destroys children's lives. If nipples bother you that much, feel free to gouge out your own eyeballs with a rusty fork.

Correction: none other than the fucking Bible says you should gouge your eyes out. You can use whatever you want, but do it or you'll burn in hell.

Finally! Something is being done about this awful exposed nipple pandemic! Batten down the hatches or go to prison, ladies! Small government wins again! Suck it obamacrats!
Hey! men have nipples, too!

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