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Desc:Guess what I sound like, give it a try its fun
Category:Educational, Short Films
Tags:New Orleans, accents, end of the missip, documentarys, what i sound like
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Comment count is 9
kingarthur - 2013-03-09
The sounds of home. The narrator sounds like a high pitched version of my dad. 5:33 is my dad's brothers and sisters, just a lot louder. I didn't hear myself in there, probably because I lost most of mine when we moved to Mississippi and I was determined not to end up speaking like some mongrel redneck.
kingarthur - 2013-03-09
That said, PARTS of coastal Mississippi share these accents and geographically they range from Mobile, Alabama, along the coast into Southern Louisiana. Yat talk is not exclusive to New Orleans. the old neighborhoods of Biloxi, MS, talk like that, especially the Slavs, Italians, and Irish.

boner - 2013-03-09
The best dialect is Lonnie
Billy the Poet - 2013-03-09
That first lady grew up a few blocks from where I live.
godot - 2013-03-09
Born at NOLA Baptist, spirited away by parental divorce, living on the Ponchartrain levee for a while while RE search.

Alas, my own accent owes more to BBC newscasters than anywhere I've stayed.

godot - 2013-03-09
while while = while I

I'm dyslexic online, however.

Doomstein - 2013-03-09
A Confederacy of Dunces.

I always wondered what the various New Orleans dialects in the book sounded like.

Thank you Internet.
Simillion - 2013-03-10
"Well, you got whitey who like beer and cheese, whitey who like wine and seafood, and then you got n***er."
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-03-14
I only lived in NOLA for about two and a half years, but I got to hear several of these. I lived North of the Iberville projects in what was a remarkably safe area given the proximity. The interstate separated the neighborhoods, so maybe that mattered. Still, I had to go around to get to the French Quarter, because there's no way I would walk through the projects, even in the day time. It's a real shame too, because they have some amazing cemeteries by Iberville, and it is where "Storyville" was back in the day. A lot of neat history there.
This takes me back, thanks. I love that damn city.
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