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Desc:real sex tips
Tags:real good advice
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Comment count is 14
Yellow Lantern
The Female Erectile Network has been getting much better ratings than Lifetime lately.
Koda Maja
Those growing ratings will climax eventually.

People really don't know this stuff. That boggles my mind.

PROTIP: the video is best if you make sure to always focus on whoever ISN'T talking.
On just focus on the attractive one.

Oscar Wildcat
What does it look like? I'm pretty sure it looks like a platinum Amex card.
That guy
Are women really a constant mystery to themselves?
I want to say no, but even this bullshit or perpetual Cosmo articles are about something.
Yeah, thanks to a long history of bad science and little sex education in many places in the world. That's why we end up with dudes like Todd Akin who think that a rape can't result in a pregnancy.

A good example of what I'm talking about would be the fact that just recently, only a handful of years ago, Dr. Helen O'Connell discovered that the clitoris extends deeper into the body than anyone thought.

American Standard
For some of them? Yeah. Definitely.

Keep in mind we live in a world where a decent chunk of the population still considers a woman's orgasm a sexual bonus, not a requirement, or labor under the delusion that a woman who can't come from just being jackhammered at for 15-30 seconds is sexually defective.

Lots to blame for this. Religion, bad dates as a teenager, bad first experiences, fashion mags, TV, porn. But suffice to say, "How should sex actually feel?" Isn't a 100% absurd question for some women.

Reagan's fault.

Some of it comes from the pressure of expectations.

Like men, petites can be pressured to perform and that pressure can actually prevent them from achieving their natural bliss points.

They may have body image issues. The constant feeling of not considering themselves sexy can act as a damper on their arousal or enthusiasm.

Please consider purchasing my four-part series on female sexuality.

Part 1. Sex Through Guilt
Part 2. Sex Without Guilt
Part 3. Really Baby I Love You
Part 4, I Still Find You Attractive

Extra Bonus DVD for ordering now: Jesus Fuck Stop Crying Already (with Bono)

That guy
I'm not really vive-ing la difference lately, pardon my French.

Jet Bin Fever
I should renew my subscription to the Female Erectile Network.
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