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Desc:He worked for the federal government for 32 years.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Tea Party, white people, CPAC, hypocrite, Libertarians
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 18
I got as far as 0:05
Binro the Heretic
"This is CPAC? Shit! I'm supposed to.be at a gaming con at the 'Assassin's Creed' booth!"
This guy is like a Bob Odenkirk character.
Maybe I should learn some history on my own. It's depressing how much of my history I learned from video games.
In this case Button Gwinnett the robot from Fallout 3.

This is the same guy from last year (and the year before) dressing as Button Gwinnett. He's a fucking tool and probably not entirely mentally stable.
Oscar Wildcat
I know a guy here who dresses up as Lincoln and does a monologue. I call it his "Lincoln drag show". He hates that. I'm not sure he'd even understand your joke, but I'm anxious to find out...

Just give him a bottle of Log Cabin syrup. That should do the trick.

It's pretty infuriating when people can't identify problems. The solution to the problem of the government wasting money is to make it work better, not to eliminate it altogether. That's the solution to the problem that the government doesn't work. And despite what hysterical crazy people like to yell, in broad strokes, the government accomplishes, to significant effect, the things that it is intended to.
The problem is that "work better" is not what they want. They don't WANT money spent on people that aren't them. They want all funds to be entirely conditional on being not merely LIKE them, but simply being THEM.

But the reality is that thanks to corporate welfare, they not only already have that, but the Tea Party types don't even recognize that they're not the beneficiaries of the very programs they espouse, the millionaires astroturfing the affair are.

In the time it took to complain about poor people getting welfare, Exxon got thousands of dollars of our tax money.

Concentrating on any among the poor who may be somehow getting money undeservedly while ignoring what the corporate entities are costing us is like being sure to put out a solitary candle while the house burns down.

Sudan no1
Not to mention republican policies are creating more poor people who will need welfare - These guys want to eliminate any funding for birth control.

Oscar Wildcat
The problem with the old system of slavery is that you had to feed and house the slaves ( see previous CPAC video clip ). In this new form of slavery, there is no responsibility whatsoever for the welfare of your slaves. It's funny how many the disparate features of the party fit together when viewed through this lense.

Imagine you had a household with two parents and ten kids. Nine of those kids are starving every day, are not being sent to school, bathed, monitored, or in any way being prepared to survive. The tenth child is given everything it wants, to any possible excess, and also nothing it needs to actually survive. All ten kids are stunted for their lives. Would you consider those parents people who should be sent to some parenting classes, or should be they be removed from these kids' lives?

The joke is, our rich SUCK at capitalism, because they've been cheating for too long. They cheated themselves and the government let them, encouraged it. Government has failed the wealthy pretty hard too. Sure, their lives are veal utopia, but god what a shit life when you're not an idiot and can consider it. If the government was removed from the equation, the rich would also starve to death, ignorant and covered in their own shit, in the streets.

If the rich are good at one thing, it's protecting their wealth. I'm very skeptical that just turfing government (the thing they want the most!) is the solution.

Binro the Heretic
I'm convinced the right wing constituency has been almost totally whittled down to the paranoid, willfully ignorant, racist, gay-hating ass-heads of our nation. To them, "poor" is synonymous with "black" and I can guarantee when they hear about "poor" people, they think of the old Reagan-era "welfare queen" fabricated stereotype.

I damned near got into a shouting match during lunch last week with a TEA Party asshole from a different department who was saying people on welfare receive ,000 per year. I tried explaining how this latest "fact" being bandied about by conservative talking heads is complete and utter bullshit. What happened is Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions gave this little presentation where he rolled up all federal "welfare" programs including stuff like Medicaid and Pell Grants (which is really hilarious considering Sessions went to college on a Pell grant) into one lump sum then divided by the estimated number of families living below the poverty line in America and said it amounted to ,000 per year for each family, higher than the national median income of ,000. This was supposed to highlight how "inefficient" the federal government is.

FOX news took the misleading presentation and said "U.S. Spent Over K In Welfare Spending Per Household In Poverty" and the Internet wingnuts (Freep in particular) ran with this, bawling "WE'RE GIVING WELFARE PEOPLE OVER FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR!"

I tried explaining all this to the dipshit, but he would have none of it. This is what we're up against. It's literally like arguing with a fence post.

I'm also convinced the only reason hard-core right-wing politicians keep getting elected year after year is because of heavily gerrymandered voting districts watering down the votes of sane, sensible people so the Republicans can cater to the paranoid, hateful assholes.

If he doesn't burn his pension money then his words mean nothing!
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