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Desc:This game costs 50 dollars.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:Zombies, the walking dead, survival instinct, goty, game of the year
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Comment count is 37
3:15-3:55 it's a drinking bird made of zombies!
It sucks that this game is so terrible because it has a lot of cool gameplay ideas. Just executed like shit.
1:33-2:35 is pretty much exactly http://www.theonion.com/video/ hot-new-video-game-consists-solely-of-shooting-peo,14325/
Another half-assed made game released at full price. Glorious days we live in.
I seriously thought that this was some kind of downloadable game for a while there. It certainly looks like it ought to be.

Yep, the days of half-finished releases, day-one DLC, and 0 consoles built to die after two years. And we keep buying it all anyway.

This is bad, but it's still not as bad as Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Maybe modders can save it. If not, I'll look for it for on Steam this Christmas and not buy it then, either.

Heres what you do - boycott the next playstation/xbox consoles and switch back to PC like we all know is infinitely superior.

Sorry, Gmork, but I'll be buying one or all of the future consoles. Why? The desperate clamoring, rage postings of the "MASTER RAAAACCCEEE CONSOLES ARE AWFUL" faggots makes keeping this shitty, shitty industry in business worth my 0.

That, and PC gaming, while vastly superior in terms of technical capabilities, just doesn't cater to my needs. I'm a huge Final Fantasy loving faggot. I'm also not a big fan of DRM-don't-lose-your-internet-connection-during-a-single-player-gam e-or-you-can't-play bullshit.

You're right guys, nobody ever released half-finished or broken games before this console generation. Things were so much better in the days when the gaming press was literally owned by publishers and patches didn't exist.

We must secure the existence of our computers and a future for PC Gaming.

PC Pride Worldwide, Death to the Mud-consoles and Game Traitors!!!

The reasons you listed dairy are quite juvenile and nonsensical. The only thing you've said coherently is you like final fantasy, and that doesn't surprise me at all. Did you have a boyfriend with a ponytail and dragon print button-up shirt at one point in your life?

Your post also insinuates assumptions about me that are blatantly and stupidly incorrect.


Fans of board games don't make society worse by having opinions about board games.

I take it you've never been to BoardGameGeeks, have you, meme?

"gaming press was literally owned by publishers"

That has changed? Considering all the "gaming press" sites choke full of ads for games, i hardly see any difference.

And no, this is no "old days were so much better" but there's just NO excuses for this kind of bs in this day and age.

"Things were so much better in the days when the gaming press was literally owned by publishers and patches didn't exist."

The gaming press is still owned by the game companies, and it costs thousands and thousands of dollars to patch a game on the xbox, and on the ps3 they don't let you do it at all.

And yeah. It was better.

What? I have new patches to download every week on PS3

I was thinking about how Sony wouldn't cooperate with Bethesda on fixing or updating any aspect of Oblivion.

Jet Bin Fever
I'm so sick of zombies. It is wishful thinking, but maybe they'll make a few less zombie games if this loses tons of money.
I've never not been sick of zombies. They have to be the least interesting monsters imaginable, and on top of that, they've been one of the pillars of the obnoxious nerd community for about ten years now.

I hope all zombie everything loses money forever.

Zombies would be really interesting except it seems that boring is a convention of the genre. Opening with a guy in the hospital that just woke up from a coma is so common it's a fucking cliche at this point.

Why? Why the fuck would you want or need that device? That person has literally the most fucking boring story in the entire world. The zombie movie is over. Roll the fucking credits, hope was lost, everbody died. Nobody gives a fuck about the road trip. It doesn't matter who lives or dies, because it's just road trips with people dying from here on out until there's no more people to go on road trips.

Watch the Dawn of the Dead intro on Youtube. That is a fucking zombie story that is interesting as fuck. Panic in the streets! Confusion! Military scrambling to set up containment, and then it's breached! Secret service gunning down zombies on the White House lawn while they load the president into a helicopter. But for some reason the only story anyone wants to tell is about a boring road trip where everybody dies or they don't but it doesn't matter because the outcome is pretty much the same either way.

I think the genre should be subdivided into zombie and post-zombie, and we should just fucking destroy everything in the latter genre.

Oh, and Dead Rising 2 let you kill a total of 11 zombies. After that, you never clear a room again. At one point, zombies break into a room full of survivors. The moment you close the doors they immediately go to a cutscene that takes place after you've already cleared out the place and all of the survivors have been accounted for. Absolutely nothing interesting happens for the rest of the game.

What the fuck is wrong with this genre?

Gimmicky zombie games, zombie comics, zombie horror novels - just when you thought this stupid trend would run out of steam it's still going. If, back in say, 2005 you told me this zombie bullshit would still be going strong I wouldn't have laughed in your face but I would have been a bit skeptical.

This is why no one can take slow zombies seriously anymore.
Only faggots like fast moving zombies. It's the fault of game developers making the protagonists too effective - if it plays like a modern shooter it's doing something wrong. This is one of those subjects that it's ALRIGHT go make a super-simulation-y on. I'd rather be scared shitless and running away from zombies than be able to walk on top of their heads and do guile flash kicks that decapitate them.

"super simulation-y game 'about'" not 'on'

Even Romero admitted how silly slow zombies were in the 90s NotLD remake :(

The psychological aspect of something that never sleeps, and only job is to pursue and eat you, and there is about 5 billion of (at least) in any given zombie infested universe (after enough time)...

Yeah, I think a REAL simulation-y non-CoD survival horror shooter is in order, with slow ass zombies and great melee physics with dynamic things like weapons getting stuck in bones or cleaving through (depending on force), and all sorts of fun mechanics that could easily be implemented these days.

I'm with gmork on this one.

I want a zombie game where the bulk of the gameplay revolves around running from zombies and finding clever ways to survive. I want a big, open world, full of slow, stupid zombies who can gnaw my head off in seconds. I want to spend daylight hours scrounging for potable water and non-perishable food, and my nighttime hours huddled in a house which I had to spend ten minutes boarding up. I'd love to see physics gameplay play a big role - Garys Mod style traps and mechanisms, maybe, where your own ingenuity can create emergent solutions to unique problems. And, while I'd love to get some badass weapons and kill zombies from time to time, I don't want it to ever feel like Duke Nukem or God of War, just running killing hordes of the fuckers like it's nothing.

There hasn't really been a zombie game that "got" the whole point of zombies since the original Resident Evil. That's a damn shame, too, especially since zombies are so popular these days.

Day Z is close. Permadeath definitely gives you more fear of zombies, and the ARMA 2 engine makes you much less efficient killer than many shooters out there. And it is a big open world, full of (fast and slow) stupid zombies where you spend the day time scrounging for food and water.

They're also making a lot of improvements for the standalone that might make it closer to what you're hoping for.

3d Game Maker is .99, they had to charge to make a fair profit.
That guy
not as bad as the show
Convenient how the members of the hoard all wait in queue for their turn to attack one at a time. Also like the part where you fly over the mob like Superman.
If this game was I would absolutely buy it so I could try to beat an entire level with gatorade
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