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Desc:From a few years ago. Subtlety isn't their strong suit.
Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:vermont, teddy bear, ACTING!, Freud, Valentines Day
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Comment count is 10
StanleyPain - 2013-02-17
Huh..let's see...my wife is a doctor....and she even takes casual photos wearing her doctor stuff, so it makes sense that I should send a bear that's ALSO wearing doctor stuff, so as to make that emotional connection as if the bear were ALSO some form of medical technician, the ridiculousness of which is a SHEER DELIGHT!
Xenocide - 2013-02-17
But first I'd better check with my PERSONAL BEAR COUNSELOR.

The Mothership - 2013-02-17
About as subtle as a brick.
themilkshark - 2013-02-17
This would drive me to suicide on the wrong day.
Xenocide - 2013-02-17
I sent you this bear dressed as a rapist, to rape your heart because you've raped mine.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2013-02-17
Xenocide, I'm sending you these stars to... oh, fuck it, whatever.

chumbucket - 2013-02-17
smells like star sex up in here

The God of Biscuits - 2013-02-17
Definitely *not* the price of a dozen roses
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2013-02-17
"I sent you this bear dressed like a farmer, because I intend to plow you like 40 acres of soybeans."

This a dumb commercial, but a NORMAL-SIZED teddy bear seems like a perfectly valid Valentine's Day gift that won't get you into trouble. However, this is coming from the guy who spent Valentine's Day surfing this site and deleting his porn collection.

One thing that puzzled me is why they used the music from Psycho at the mention of "Valentine's Night" 00:09 What is up with THAT?
dancingshadow - 2013-02-19
I called the number...

5 stars I guess
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