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Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:vice, 3d printing, frat boy, ughhhh
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Comment count is 53
5 for the idea of 3d printed guns making dumb pussies everywhere get their panties in a bunch.
5 for the idea of 3d printed guns making dumb pussies everywhere get their panties wet.

all yours.

gmork is easy mode.

he was so scary in the neverending story too :(

I like shooting guns and I like stirring the pot. Call me a rebel.
That's all the caring I have to do.
B-) Stay cool, I'm out of here.

Call me someone who sees the futility of arguing with people who have already made up their mind. I will still call you out on ignorance every time I see it - and I see quite a lot of it coming from all of you lately.

My advice, is that if you want to be considered less stupid, you should give up your knee-jerk reactions to guns and actually think about them for more than a second or two. Then compare them to every other weapon man has devised. And then, if you can get this far on your own, you might be able to see the correlation between human intent and the tools available. And why your argument is hinged on the largest logical fallacy possible to make.

I think about guns a lot, fuckbrain. Many of my friends shoot guns. My dad owns guns, my brother owns guns.

Most people on this website are unconcerned about your masturbatory love of guns.

What I tend to hate about the anti-gun control movement is 1. They simplify the 2nd Amendment to fit their needs. 2. They tend to be self-righteous and often insensitive to people who are murdered by guns. and 3. It's such an enormous wanky waste of time top be obsessed with guns. It's as stupid as being obsessed with romance novels. It does not make you patriotic to be obsessed with guns or to shoot guns. You are not protecting anyone, anything, or any values by being obsessed with guns.

On that note, I don't give a shit how many AK-47's you own or shoot. I still think you're an idiot.

I wish you were adult enough to actually converse with me, but judging by the fact you were on assumption 4 and still had a 0% success rate it's obvious you're intentionally trying not to be objective about anything.

I don't own a gun, I don't put any value on "patriotism", and I laugh at tea partiers regularly. I don't have a "masturbatory fantasy of guns" and your analogy about romance novels perfectly illustrates you inability to grasp the situation. Basically i'm EXACTLY THE SAME politically as 99% of you, with the exception of gun control. I'm for tolerance, equality, everything under the sun that falls under the democratic agenda - except gun control.

Watching you attempt to vilify me and label me as a gun nut makes me facepalm. Are you really all going to do the same thing you have lambasted countless others for? Being insanely hypocritical?

No, I think none of you will own up to it. But that's alright, I saw that coming a mile away.

Thank you, baleen, for proving without a shadow of a doubt that every reason you think you posess for disliking me is 100% false and based on your own immaturity.

He said he doesn't give a shit how many guns you own. That includes zero. You are so fucking dumb it's astonishing.

I own several guns, grew up with them, was taught to shoot them by my Army Ranger dad, am a better shot than most, and think gun love is fucking retarded (as did he, since he killed fuckloads of people with them). I made up my mind over a lifetime of being saturated with the gun nut world, and gladly participating in it, culminating in a damned near schizophrenic paranoia during the Bush administration.

Now that arguing from authority is done, anyone have anything relevant to say on why guns should be in the hands of the stupid?

Yeah -- pigeonholing poetv as a liberal gun-hating twat nest is really far off the mark, gmork.

I'm all for guns in a nice controlled way. There are hundreds of options for securing laptops and cell phones. If you work at a job with information that needs to be secured, your job will usually require you to password-protect your phone. If you're a cop and use a gun on the job, you are required to have layers of security protecting your firearm. The NRA feels having even basic smartgun technology mandated violates the 2nd amendment. I say that if we required smartgun tech that the 2nd amendment would be more enforced and in effect than ever, because more people would be safely confident that buying a gun isn't endangering themselves and we would actually be safer from tyranny.

I love shooting guns, but currently don't own any. I have shot my share of lead when I was a kid, target shooting. Guns are also handy for humane executions of animals. We need guns also because the entire third world is chock full of them.

Shoebox Joe
Jesus fucking Christ. So much for baby warez and home goods.

He made that shit with out a proper license. He shouldn't even be near a computer to be that fucking ignorant and still be head strong. Even worse is that he comes off just as bad as a gangstalker victim. Fuck assault weapons. Ban guns in general. I was neutral about the rights until now.

That's enough for me future, you can go away now. Either make it mandatory to pass a token, enlightened, elitist martial arts teacher regiment before you get your license or get rid of it all.
It's actually completely legal to manufacture your own firearm for personal use. You just can't sell it.

And he's not really making anything of substance here. People have made working AR-15 lowers out of plywood or glued-together plastic cutting boards. The parts for the other 90+% of the gun still have to be made out of metal by somebody that knows what they are doing, cost hundreds of dollars, and require special tools and some degree of skill to assemble.

The guy is definitely creepy, but he didn't really do anything here except feed media sensationalism and scare people that don't know shit about guns.

of course... my uncle makes replica muskets that shoot, they're awesome. He's a crazy gun nut though.

Muskets and other muzzleloaders that use black powder are actually not considered firearms at all. They are totally unregulated; you can go to your local sporting goods store and buy a muzzleloader right off the shelf with no background check or identification required.

Thank god none of you are ever going to be important enough to change policy or have control over other a significant amount of people.

You sure about that whiny whinerson?

Shoebox Joe

I don't know if that really makes me feel better. Yeah, I'll admit I'm ignorant of DIY guns and yeah, it does sound like a lot of work and a lot of unaccessible parts, but I can't help but feel that they'll figure out some work around. They're already increasing the durability of the parts and I doubt they're ignorant of what they're working with. I'd go further, but I don't want to give out ideas. It's enough that a NWO freak show is advertising his answer to gun control laws. It's even worse that his sensationalism even is over blown in the slightest. He's a hero to all the scared "where's my freedom" schizophrenic pricks who are too lazy to think for themselves and so god damn oblivious as to what they actually DO have or even what matters other than stroking their hero fantasy cocks.

I'm sorry, even with the points you made, I still hope his website and files get shot down before it gets bigger. It's bad enough that the sole arguement of "character" when it comes to gun ownership is headlined by self-serving shit stains.

Yeah, baleen. I'm very sure.

When I was young, zip guns were all the rage, as were home made flame throwers.

I think its worth pointing out the same can be done now with use of a CNC machine bought from a foreclosed machining shop to make whatever weapon/parts you desire. Obviously though this is a lot easier of an option though especially when 3D printers will become more affordable - which they will.
Shoebox Joe
Hopefully by that time they'll figure out putting a ban on weapon printing files is just as hopeless as copyright enforcment is on file sharing.

Thanks Pirate Bay!

Don't worry. I'm sure America's corporate overlords are working round the clock to find ways of killing free access to this technology. Because think of what a disaster it'd be if this wasn't regulated by the state and everyone could print their own shaving razors, dinner plates, and AA-13 drum magazines!

The media industry screwed up big time when they let data become a post-scarcity commodity; I doubt the rest of our industries are going to sit by and let the same thing happen to manufactured goods.

Maybe the Democrats can use anti-gun paranoia to lay the foundations?

You and gmork are the biggest crybabies on this site.

Hopefully we'll live to see this country's gun nut craziness die off like we did with institutionalized racism. But like racism, it won't be out of enlightened debate, but shaming the crazies for being crazy insecure idiots.

Spread the word about gun owners' needle dicks today. There's a great compromise without the government getting involved at all: if you're perfectly fine with advertizing your micro penis to the world by owning a gun, then congratulations you get to have one.

>> it won't be out of enlightened debate

At least you're honest about this. Most people, and I include both you and gmork in this, don't want debate. They want to shout the loudest and browbeat their opposition into shutting up. I must admit, FABIO, I'm both surprisef and impressed with the level of your own awareness into your motives and methodology.

Let me ask you this: if I hadn't included that last jab at the anti-gun doomsday preppers (because we're all gonna DIE unless guns are ONLY in the hands of racist cops and the military industrial complex!), would you have agreed with the rest of what I said? Why or why not?

In the spirit of enlightened debate, I'd like to add that your shaming proposal ISN'T quite as stupid as it sounds.

I don't think anyone actually wants idiots owning guns. The fact that the vast majority of gun owners are *not* idiots can be set aside for now, because in and of itself, the principle that we're better off with idiots owning guns is sound. And, while I'm one of those crazy nuts who still believes in the power of reason, skepticism, and sober debate, I will concede the utility (though neither the wisdom nor the moral authority) of shaming / bullying as a social control. Shaming idiots into not owning guns is an acceptable policy, *just so long as the final decision on gun ownership remains in the hands of the proletariat*.

I'm no fan of these "libertarian paternalist" schemes, but so long as the state does not violate our constitutional right to bear arms, I guess I can give you that.

Im sorry for getting thoroughly disgusted with poetv's inherent hypocrisy. Most of the time, being a democrat, the hypocrisy does not offend me, but this issue blatantly highlights your own inability to stay consistent.

The worst part is that your only possible reaction is to continually posit that I'm not genuine, or i'm a troll, because you can't handle the possibility that YOU are the one with the slant.

So, i'm a troll because I don't smash my head against the brick wall of your inability to be consistent? Alrighty then!

I don't understand why people like FABIO assume gun owners to be villainous or unstable in some way. Talking about it alongside institutionalized racism, or the condoning of inhumane ideals, is truly absurd.

I own a gun for no significant reason, at all. I decided to go to a gun range for the first time awhile back and really enjoyed it. I bought one because it was fun to shoot. That's it.

I love bowling and shooting a gun is similar for me. Instead of rolling a ball, I'm firing one at super-sonic speeds. My objective is the same, having fun controlling the projectile through composed, deliberate action. It can be relaxing.

There are a couple of primary reasons why I imagine people own guns.
-for sport (fun)
-for defense (fear)
-because of insecurity (power/control)
-to murder (?)

That is of course extremely simplified.

The later two describe an extremely minimal percentage of people. It's absurd to think that removing guns will resolve these problems. The man who wants to murder will still retain the desire.

Guns do make this significantly easier; however, a knife can be used much more discretely. Perhaps not to go on a killing spree, but an ounce more wit, you have yourself a serial killer.

It's not a simple matter. Give every person on earth a gun, I imagine there will be a massive rise of undeserved fatalities. Take away all guns, criminals will undoubtedly pose much higher averaged risk to a civilian.

Guns will forever be on the streets until they are all destroyed. Even if the criminal does not have a gun, they still have the will to do unlawful things. A civilian with a knife, is not the same as a criminal with an knife. Its unlikely the civilian will have the will to sustain injury or kill. Guns are much more impersonal and don't involve as much risk. They are the superior defensive weapon.

I believe the real problem is the lack of educative, observational, and preventative measures taken to keep guns out of the wrong hands. I was able to buy a gun in less than 15 minutes, including background check. I definitely could've been done even sooner, ready to use it at my own discretion.

There needs to be some better way of observing if a person is eligible for a firearm, similar to the way people have to properly train to drive car. I'm not saying train the individual to use a gun, rather whether the individual is fit to use a gun, whether they are sane.

The individual should be tested every so often as to whether they retain their license to own one. However, this would cost the government money and people would certainly complain. But if something as simple, yet deadly, as driving a car requires training and constant observation (traffic cops), guns need something similar.

I should've replaced -to murder with -to commit crimes, but you guys get the idea.

did you hear the good news kids? institutionalized racism is dead and gone because mean people made the crazy racists feel bad.

Shoebox Joe

In a way, I think the public shaming control is already in the process. On the "Road Rage gun" on here, there were a decent amount of commentors on the youtube page calling out the idiots leaning all the evil on the teenagers. They weren't as articulate and shaming as I hoped they'd be, but it at least feels like something.

This micro penis epidemic is worse than I thought! I figured it was limited to Homer and Gmork.

It's okay, guys. Just get rid of your guns and no one has to know.

"Take away all guns, criminals will undoubtedly pose much higher averaged risk to a civilian. "

Aaaahahahahaha. See this is what we're facing, folks. Taxi driving cowboy fantasies. The only evidence to refute this is the entire rest of the goddamned developed world.

Guns serve only one purpose: to maximize the amount of killing power a single person can wield. Can you see how this is a problem in a world where sane people vastly outnumber homicidal crazies? Take two civilians armed with guns, whoever gets the drop on the other is going to win so the whole fending off muggers fantasy is just that. It's also fairly telling that the only gun alternative you can come up with is a knife instead of say half a dozen non-lethal, more effective alternatives.

"did you hear the good news kids? institutionalized racism is dead and gone because mean people made the crazy racists feel bad."

If you don't think we've made progress in the past 50 years in regards to racism, then you're living in the same dystopian fantasy world that has destroyed all your capital letters.

Very little of that progress has anything to do with sitting down to reason with opposition and everything to do with shaming them for their beliefs, because if there's one thing reactionaries hate more than minorities it's being made to look foolish. Getting rid of our country's frothing mad dog gun rabies will not come from reasoning with people who are living out a World of Darkness LARP game with criminals as the vampires, but from raising public awareness of your micro penis.

The best part of the gun control "debate" is that no matter how many long-winded troll posts we make, no matter how much we think about each others penises, not one new gun control law will end up be created on the national level. And we all knew this from day one. Enjoy the political theater.

sorry bro you didn't say 'progress' you said we've already seen racism die off. don't worry tho, i bet eventually you'll get the hang of all those other keys arounds q, w, e and r

Everywhere I lived there have been gunshots and murder on the street. I've known people who were victims of mass shootings as well. I guess it's all down to dumb luck!

You also forgot suicide.

I am really enjoying FABIO's posts in this thread.

Baleen you're probably in a shithole like new york. Center of the world, indeed.

New York is awesome, regional jingoism is the first genetic marker of a gun retard.

High levels of doucheness.
What's his message again? He was talking out of his ass most of the video and I must have missed it.
Good grief I'd hate to have to hang out with this guy and listen to him all day. He sounds like one of those know-it-alls who is "always on", you know? Like he won't shut up about the corporations or the banks or whatever.
"A self described 'crypto-anarchist'."

This guy is the worst kind of person: stupid, competent, monied and egotistical.
well said.

Jet Bin Fever
I want him to 3d print my fist so he can punch himself with it.
La Loco
Until someone figures a way to print hand guns this guy and this tech isn't going to effect gun violence numbers in any big way in the states.

Shoebox Joe
I can't wait for a shooting to make you eat those words or better yet, a short barrel AR-15 file stirring controversy before anything happens. The internet is a plethora of creativity and inginuity. You just wait.

La Loco
I'm just saying Joe, if you look at the gun related homocide statistics, handguns account for the majority of them.


While maniacs can harm many people with a large capacity automatic rifle, access to cheap concealable weapons have and will continue to be the center of our gun problems. Printers or not.
Shoebox Joe
You really don't think I didn't consider your last post? The person in the documentary is the perfect example of an obliviously dangerous person. He isn't one of the kids who is curious about guns for sport or for the sake of fun. He actually thinks that he has every right to hold a dangerous weapon. As Zircon summed him up, there is also the fact that he's young, bull headed and feeding and validating the same pseudo-intellectual idiots who are scared about their guns being taken away. The same people who WILL learn to find a work around if they're pushed far enough.

And if you think I'm going off topic, let me restate. I do not want to feed people.

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