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Desc:Environmental misanthropy hipster philosophy in a soothing voice. A new level of banal evil.
Category:News & Politics, Religious
Tags:Earth First, antinatalism, voluntary human extinction movement, les u knight, vhemt
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Comment count is 9
The Church Of Euthanasia called, they want their schtick back.
I can get behind this. I've been looking for a new cult after my last one kinda petered out
I can get behind this, except for the voluntary part.
You're in the Involuntary Human Extinction Movement even if you don't know it.

We may all be part of the involuntary group sooner than we think.

Cherry Pop Culture
Hipster? Really? I thought these guys were around before that term was invented?
It was a late night for me and I had to go with what was available to my sleep deprived brain. That said, they seem to have a smug sense of self importance.

You mean before the 1930's?

You mean before the 1930's?

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