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Desc:I chortled.
Tags:shit, ship, Kmart, for it sounds like a swear word you see
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Comment count is 6
Is this a real commercial? I had a bad case of eye mites the other day (yes eye mites), so now I need some new pillows. If this is a real commercial, well, I think I owe Kmart my custom. Hopefully they won't have the right pillows in stock, so I can then regale the salepeople with a hilarious and not-at-all awkward joke about "shipping my bed (accessories)". That will brighten up their day for sure!

Makes me kinda sad that all the Kmarts in this area got driven out of business decades ago.
Yupt. I would now consider buying the next thing I need to buy from Kmart if Kmart was a thing that existed anywhere around here.

I saw it on TV, it was a jaw dropping

La Loco
Pooow, I just shit my pants.
good job america, you are the winner.
Mister Yuck
Great. I'm now old enough that advertising is targeting me somewhat successfully.
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