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Category:Accidents & Explosions, Crime
Tags:Texas, explosion, false flag, fertilizer plant, epic hat
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Karma, Karma, Karmachameleon
Even hipster narcissism is bigger in Texas.

Pretty sure if someone bombed somewhere in Texas on purpose, hiding it would be the last thing they'd do, because why be an anonymous hero?
From the uploader:

"But the meaning of false flag means that something happened but it will be portrayed as being perpetrated by someone taking the blame. It is a set-up. Or it is caused by forces who do not intend to admit to it."

In this case, "forces who do not intend to admit to it" is a list of people starting with the plant's safety inspector down to whoever gave the go-ahead to put apartments so close to the place.

I also now feel like I need to go find an epic hat.
Epic hat is now a tag.

Is it too late to add it to a few of those videos of the presidential candidate who campaigned wearing a boot on his head?

The Mothership
You had me at 'Some kind of a magical date.'
Is anyone else getting the banner ad for vinegar which is guaranteed to remove chemtrails?
The Mothership
haven't seen that one for awhile; all i get recently is PHOENIX WRIGHT ACE ATTORNEY, CANINE WITNESS.

my HVAC system wasn't working right, so I called somebody and they came out and found that my blower had something stuck in it

I am positive it was a false flag operation to deprive me of my right to air conditioning
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
I don't know about Texan accents, really, but the way that this guy pronounces "cause" and "false" seems really east coast to me. Anyone have an opinion?
Jet Bin Fever
These people need a better hobby.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Eh, so do we, probably.

It's Texas.


Jet Bin Fever
haha it still works.

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