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Desc:Obscure fighting game fatality week continues
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:meat, fatalities, Xenophage
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P.S.: It is now available as freeware:

Ooo, thanks! This is the only one mentioned so far that I don't have.

Well, this and Catfight. Still loooooooooking... eh eh anyone?

Oh shit, nevermind, I do have this one. It's so awesome I forgot all about it!

Fatalities just aren't as fun when it's two giant spider-slug things eating each other's thoraxes.

"Meat," huh? I guess all the good fatality catch phrases were taken by then. At least the announcer seems like a really cheerful fellow.
As an animator, this makes me feel much better about my work.
That explained an awful lot, all at once.

having a hacked poser license doesn't make you an animator

Sexy Duck Cop
Watch till the end.
I like the monster designs. The announcer says "meat" the way most people say "neat!"
Jet Bin Fever
Yeah! I was pretty impressed with the one shaped like a plus sign made out of tubes with teeth in it. That's pretty rad.

Mummenschanz ventilator hose monster.

I really want to see the back stories to each character and the plot. If it doesn't have one, I will write it and email it to them
The Mothership
Oh my god, 1:45-8.
Meat the fighter.

A crappy violent obscure fighting game where you beat up Barney the Dinosaur. 90s singularity.

All of these games so far still look better than Rise of the Robots.
Jet Bin Fever
Not so terrible really. This one at least has some fun character designs for an MK ripoff.
Caminante Nocturno
The character designer clearly did not give a shit.
During this generation of games, i think labor was a little less divided than in the industry we are familiar with/

The character designer was probably also the lead programmer, beta tester and asshole who made the shitty cover design in corel.

At one point the office lady's faced turned into shoop da whoop to eat someone else's head. Five for that, I guess.
Caminante Nocturno
The best part about her is how huffy and indignant her victory pose is, like it's the opponent's fault their head was chewed off.

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