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Desc:Poetv you failed to heed my advice. I saw this on cold med and it changed my life.
Category:Video Games, Educational
Tags:autism, Sonic, epilepsy, monotone, neurology
Submitted:January von Rodeo
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Comment count is 6
Nikon - 2013-03-18
He sounds a little bit like Max Headroom in some parts.
Old_Zircon - 2013-03-19
His camera seems to be having a siezure.

January von Rodeo - 2013-03-18
Ok, a couple more notes now that I'm more lucid.

-I only scratched the surface of this channel and was completely amazed and mystified. I have yet to plumb the depths.

-videos are several years old. It's like some undiscovered fossil record of pure Poe red style madness.

-from the little I watched so far, I couldn't help but be reminded of ullillillia's description of his "mind game," basically being autistic and being exposed to/obsessed with certain video games early in development and subsequently viewing all events and existence through a lens of video game sounds, sights and logic as your primary frame of reference. For a good illustration check out this guy's video "the real streets of rage," where he uses the streets of rage video game as a kind of framing device for coming to grips with hurricane Katrina. Deeply, deeply strange
January von Rodeo - 2013-03-18
Ps I have a sneaking suspicion video games (especially older ones) might hold a special appeal for young autistics because of their very reliable, predictable nature. The sound effects, story, mechanics, and timing could be comforting in their discreteness (not blending into surroundings in a sensory jumble), narrow window focus (tv screen), and something that uniquely makes sense due to consistency over multiple attempts until understanding of its workings is achieved. So it really does make sense in a weird way that they turn into kind of a frame of reference or stable basis of comparison for an autistic person who got absorbed by then at a young age. But really I'm just blathering.
Mancakes - 2013-03-18
Good find and analysis.
kingarthur - 2013-03-19
This is a thing of beauty. What are the odds that life would follow a series of random chances to arrive at this?
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