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Desc:Hard hitting documentary from NBC Action News!
Category:News & Politics, Arts
Tags:Machine, soda, Action!
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Comment count is 10
It's not like there's war hawks demanding we invade Syria or anything.
Reporting live from a town where people are incredibly desperate for something to talk about.
Bet'cha I can fall off a tall building faster than this dispenses drinks!
Cherry Coke. The man has good taste. And lots of it.

I love me some pop, but coke has changed for the worst. They stopped using cane sugar and moved to high fructose. Nothings been the same since. http://poetv.com/video.php?vid=66208
He has to kill three people a year to keep his vendor contract for the demonic wizardry machine.
Thank you, RocketBlender, for accurately describing it as a "soda" machine.
Cold dranks

To me, people saying "pop" instead of soda produces the same mental reaction as an adult telling me his tummy hurts.

Talk like a grownup, weirdos.

It was quite a transition moving from a place where people say 'soda' to a place where people say 'pop' as a kid.

I used to live way up in the north myself, but instead of pop, the kids I knew (moved at age 14 or so) called all soda 'coke'.
'Can I have a coke?'
Sure, here you go.'
'No, I wanted a spite, I was just asking if I could have a coke.'

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