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Desc:In 7 parts
Category:Video Games, Educational
Tags:80s, video game, fast, williams, defender
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Comment count is 8
I really love the sound effects for this era of midway games, this and robotron especially.
same here, takes me back in time instantly

and don't forget Black Knight!

Robotron and Defender were programmed by the same guy: Eugene Jarvis. He also did my all-time favorite game NARC.

People say video games aren't art, but that guy definitely has an artist's mind.

hell yes! As far as pinballs go i really like the sound effects and voice in spacestation. My favorite is that gowowowowowowowow sound when your score is counting in both this and robotron

>People say video games aren't art

Only senile old farts say that.

Kid Fenris
We had this for the old Apple IIGS. With no instructions, I thought that the point of the game was to destroy everything, even the little figures on the ground.

I still like playing it that way.
5 stars just for being a 7-part video game vid.
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