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Desc:2 WEEKS!
Category:Trailers, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Arrested Development, greatest tv show ever, the final countdown
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Jet Bin Fever
please oh please oh please don't suck.
Fuck you, Chocolate Jesus.
Where's Ron Howard?
Not loving the higher production value look. I hope to GOB those were all clips from the first episode. That first one was godawful.
It's not the greatest TV show ever, but hey I'm cool with it.

Thing is, I haven't watched the original show in, like, 4 years or something so I hope it's not too continuity heavy cuz I really don't feel like watching seasons 1-3 again to get what's going on.
That guy
It's going to have lots of callbacks to jokes in seasons 1-3.

Time for some condescending nerds out there to get on their high horses again about how this is the greatest show ever and anyone who didn't care for it or was just critical of some aspect of are just dumb sheeple who should stick with syndicated reruns of According to Jim or whatevs.

I say this as a big fan of AD.
That guy
Preach on brother BHWW.

It's good, quick dumb jokes, some of them subtle, and with a good batting average in terms of jokes attempted to jokes landed, and it's better than According to Jim.

But it's not The Greatest Thing Ever Made. Though it is some of the best American TV Comedy pure riffing ever made.

Now go straighten out those high-horse Game of Thrones fans please.

This could be the greatest piece of television ever made and it still wouldn't live up to everybody's expectations.
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