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Desc:Kid makes own fake Nintendo announcement for a fake Sonic recolor named after himself.
Category:Video Games, Business
Tags:autism, Sonic, kid, crossover meltdown, Chris-Chan in the making
Submitted:Xenagama Warrior Princess
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Comment count is 12
The Mothership
and the frikkkkennnnn.... PAC MAN universe.....
This is the kind of bullshit kickstarter would eat up if it wasn't entirely based on copyright infringement.
Not much more than fricken I Want To Be The Guy.

Imagine if we had the internet back when we were kids making dumb sketch concepts for video games.
Come on, guys, this kid is very young and this isn't evil. In fact, by the title, I expected it to be a whole lot more evil. Let the industry slide a bit more, kid, then when the big names are failing and have to work together to save each other like bankers, pitch this game to them. I'd say about 2015.
Mom's not around to fix his collar.
I'm really looking forward to Chris-Chan 2 Fast 2 Sonichu.
I'd be totally willing to donate to a Kickstarter, just so I could see what ChrisChan would do if this thing got made.
Jet Bin Fever
The parallels with Chris Chan seemed a stretch at first, but then it all made sense. My hope is that like most children he outgrows this stuff eventually, despite being sort of a spaz now. Just no one give him a sonic award and put him on TV like Chris when he was this age.
Just for that little sequence at 1:25
Chris Chan 2? This is just a somewhat normal (though entertaining) kid.

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