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Desc:Presenting the first fighting game with an Instant Replay feature!
Category:Video Games
Tags:90s, Sega, Eternal Champions
Submitted:Yellow Lantern
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Comment count is 6
Scrimmjob - 2013-07-10
The best strategy for this game is put down the controller and walk away.
Caminante Nocturno - 2013-07-10
Man, fuck Sega's advertising department!
sosage - 2013-07-10
Some of these combos don't work even in the example footage. This guide is not going to help me beat the one other person on earth still playing this.
Redford - 2013-07-10
I really like how most of the combos have really long delays in the middle, or don't use stunning or gap closing moves until the end. I'm sure I saw at least one where one of the moves missed completely as well.

Also, now that I think of it, if there are three separate kicks and punches, how do you control the game on a 3-button controller? All the buttons are being used and there's nothing left to use a modulus button. Unless it's start, which would be hilarious.

sosage - 2013-07-10
I think these combos are counting on your opponent dropping the controller and spontaneously deciding to go play outdoors.

I can't confirm with Eternal Champions, but SF2 on Genesis you needed to hit start to swap between kicks and punches. It was totally fucking fucked.

Beard is itching...

Unmerciful Crushing Force - 2013-07-11
You did have to use start on this one too. You had no way to pause.

Ironically enough, Shaq Fu was the only fighting game that I know of that knew to rectify this problem by making you push the ABC buttons and Start simultaneously to pause. It was the one smart design decision they made in that game.

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