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Desc:Woman steps out of shower with no small amount of urgency to review her shampoo.
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:shampoo, nightmare, crazy lady, child negligence
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Comment count is 9
This was the first thing to come up when I searched for shampoo nightmare.
Were you looking for people who could relate to your own personal shampoo emergency?

How is this child negligence, let alone the first tagged example of it ever on poe-news?
Her child is trying to talk to her while the shower is running and she is reviewing her shampoo.

It was just a joke.

You know who never made this kind of insane statement alone or on video? Anyone with a penis.
You said that knowing I'd immediately go to YouTube to prove you wrong and ruin my own day. Men's versions are actually waaaay worse.

Why is the water still running, is she drowning her kids in the bathtub?
John Holmes Motherfucker
Is she wearing a glass eye?
Holy crap. I had to click on the video to make sure this wasn't an ex-girlfriend of mine. Even then it took me a while to verify it wasn't.

I came THIS CLOSE to real life colliding with internet. Whew!
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