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Desc:You think your clip shows the downfall of civilization? I give you; current adam sandler fans
Category:Crime, Horror
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Comment count is 11
And they're legally adults.
I saw Look Who's Talking and loathed it. My friend kinda liked it.

He took a date to see Look Who's Talking Too, and my friends and I all goofed on him about it. The first time I saw him afterwards, I asked "so how was it?" With a straight face, he answered "It's great if you like to watch little kids singing about taking a shit."

So I nominate that for worst comedy sequel ever.
No Mannequin 2: On the Move?
Sexy Duck Cop
"People who don't appreciate Adam Sandler films are (expletive) idiots," said the 500-pound man in a stereotypical dumb person's voice.
The award goes to Blues Brother 2000. This is confirmed in the scene where a voodoo priestess turns them into zombies and makes them dance to reggae.

Weekend at Bernie's 2 is close, but it's not like it was pissing on a classic.
Jet Bin Fever
-4 for the format, +4 for how unbelievably stupid those people are. Granted, it is Hollywood.
Does direct to video count? Because if so, I nominate this turd:

I hate the host of this. His voice is like a dick made out of the sound of forks on a chalkboard shoved into my ear.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
I'm not sure how I feel about Chris Kattan's new "fake host" character.
Hal Rudnick is a pretty good improv guy, but goddamn what he is having to do for work.
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