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Desc:He's just rubbing it in our faces now
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:the tick, nick bravo, spike bravo
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Comment count is 17
My god.

Oh, man, we are just barreling towards that iceburg. I am giddy with anticipation.
Jack Dalton
He's in for a terrible surprise when he discovers that this is the set for "Let's Pee on the Obnoxious Blue Guy."
The fuck? Is the director Ed Wood?
Dollars to donuts, it's a commercial.
I'm hoping for snuff film.

i knew i saved these stars for something.

Rodents of Unusual Size
The walls of reality have broken so many times with this man I've lost count.
Getting a part in a student film in LA is not something remarkable.
"I'm going to be super nice to my director today... so I think I'll mock his shitty-ass car and put it on the internet for everyone to see!"
Asylum Pictures presents : Fat-Ass.
Asylum has union workers.

Urkel Forever
I hope he next joins a small professional wrestling outfit with a persona a la Andy Kaufman in Memphis: "I'm from Hollywood."

Also, five extra stars for awkward cast interaction, especially the poor woman at the end.
Adham Nu'man
The Glitz, The Glamour.
What a tragic voice.
Jet Bin Fever
Our dream is coming true.
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