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Desc:Arrested after a mid-80s crime spree of dining and dashing
Tags:arrest, gentleman, succulent chinese meal
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Comment count is 37
Not enough stars in the sky for this...
Oscar Wildcat
Koda Maja
For you.

pyslexic dharmacist
Stars for the icing on this magnificent cake.

Architeuthis Tux
The best video ever posted to this site.
I can't disagree with this.

Gotta be damn close.

it'd be funny if he really was being arrested for eating chinese food
Sexy Duck Cop
Bane has really let himself go.
Ta Ta and Farewell.
*slow clap*
Herr Matthias
Looks like Trebek finally had enough of Sean Connery.
I feel sadness that I will never see anything greater than this for the rest of my life. Ever.
Stephen Fry had a similar tactic, he said, for whenever he was being beaten up at the all-boys school he attended as a lad.

Just as whatever gang of toughs were starting in on him, he'd cry, "Please, stop, you're giving me an erection!"

That's typically how I respond to griefers on multiplayer games. It works really well, too!

I knew a guy in college who made the decision that f he ever got mugged again he would pull out his penis and come at the mugger, swinging a fist with one hand and masturbating violently with the other, because he figured nobody would mess with that. I don't know if he ever got to put his plan into action.

The Mothership
Magisterial, yet I demand context.
From YT: "Paul Charles Dozsa, 48, dubbed "the restaurant runner" by local newspapers, was fined 0 on Monday for refusing to pay a bill at a Chinese restaurant.The following day, he dined out at the five-star Sheraton-Wentworth hotel, then told the staff he could not pay the check. He was fined 0 for that offense on Wednesday and ordered to compensate the restaurant."

The Mothership
all this fuss over a dine n' dasher? Fantastic.

Please tell me this actually happened, and isn't an old movie clip or something.
Cherry Pop Culture
PoeTV is really good at giving me a bad impression of people on the other side of the Atlantic.
I believe he's a well spoken Australian.
Which is even more remarkable.

Rodents of Unusual Size
A while back this year I met an Australian guy who doesn't sound Australian. He lives here in Korea and decided to adapt a flatter accent so people could understand him better. He had a slight inflection that sounded almost British or American with a slight British hint. He then got into a big series of arguments with some other dudes from Australia as he went on to say that everyone from Australia sounded retarded in comparison to Britain and the US.

I said I liked Aussie accents. He said that was only because I never lived there. The awkwardness between him and the other Aussies was palpable for the rest of the day. That was a weird conference.

So you met Yahtzee, then?

Micheal Caine needs to play this man.

This man is better at being arrested than I will ever be at anything in my life.
Who does he think he is, Ronnie fucking Dobbs?

I don't have time to watch this yet, but come on guys, 11 favorites, it can't be THAT good.
Jimmy Labatt
Oh but it is. Twelve, even.

I gave away my computer to go and commit suicide, then this video came along and I had to go find a computer (a stupendously shitty one by the way) to log in, rate, this, and be the 13th favorite.

You should probably watch the video.

OK, fine, whatever. Have your stars, you 19-favoriting-before-it-even-leaves-the-front-page jerks.

Gentlemen, this is democracy manifest.

Drink More Fosters
Terry Jones in his finest bit to date.
Jet Bin Fever
Succulent Chinese meal!
Caminante Nocturno
Is there footage of this man at trial?

Aw Ignatius, why you always gotta be such a burden on your dear old momma.
Are you waiting to receive my limp penis?
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