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Desc:Kisses and tells
Category:General Station
Tags:furry, lost virginity to a man in a chicken costume
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Comment count is 12
I'm not sure I can do the poetv thing anymore. This is creeping me out.
Thist just makes me sad -- I get the feeling Michael just isn't into him.
internet, you're breakin' my heart. :(

Hey dude. Way to go losing your virginity to a guy dressed up like a chicken.

I lost my virginity to a Mexican girl who loved swastikas and hated black people. And later she shaved her head and wore an orange blanket (to school) because she became a Buddhist...

What I'm saying is that I cannot judge somebody having sex for the first time.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This is really depressing.
He got rooster cockburned.
I really hope he doesn't hang himself in 6 months!
Oscar Wildcat
He will when, around that time, he starts laying eggs.

Do these people not realize how to NOT scare off a mate? Act 1 of this video was weird enough but, eh, he's kind of cute I guess, weirdness aside. Maybe he will see Michael again. But Act 2? GOOD LORD THAT'S CREEPY. If Michael's smart he'll fly the coup.

See what I did there?
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Not too awkward by gay teen furry standards.
Approaching Chrischan velocity.
Jet Bin Fever
We are all voyeurs in someone's tragic memories.
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