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Tags:wedding, sacred, texting, millenials
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Jet Bin Fever
I bet she was live tweeting it.
OMG This priest won't stop tlking so bored! :/ #boringwedding #specialday #ithoughtthiswassupposedtobeaboutme

As one of my best friends (who happens to be gay) said a few years ago, why are we wasting so much effort fighting to win gay couples the right to marry when we'd be doing more good for humanity if by fighting to make straight couples stop getting married?

PHASE ONE: Allow gays to marry

PHASE TWO: Gays realize that marriage sucks

PHASE THREE: All people mutually agree to just stop pretending that a glorified version of an ancient woman-purchasing ceremony is a necessary expression of love.

PHASE FOUR: Obamacare destroys what remains of traditional values

PHASE FIVE: Human society becomes one giant non-stop socialist orgy. Abortion now an Olympic sport.

D&C decathlon

I was gonna say, hasn't the world moved on to Pathfinder?

And in this moment, standing before God, the groom's thoughts turn to the words of the prophet Gob, who said unto the Lord, "Lo, I have made a huge mistake."
Take 'em.

I'm not sure if the guy who uploaded this is Czech (might be?) but regardless, there was a saying one of my Czech professors taught us that seems incredibly fitting for this video, "Kazdy debil ma mobil"
Gotta love that look on the groom's face.
Father of the bride, perhaps?

William Topaz McGonagall
This is actually one of those Purity Ball things and what the girl is doing here is a huge middle finger to the patriarchy.

Jet Bin Fever
OH PURITY BALL. I hope you're right!

"pil facd wer am i? u? wana get drnk?"
Innocent Bystander
"later. gtg getn married"

unknown specimen
I like how they're apparently getting married on the street. Not in a church or in a park, just on the sidewalk.
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