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Desc:I live near Archie. He will meet for /Hr.
Category:Educational, Fashion
Tags:advice, archieluxury, no you fuck off archie
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Comment count is 14
Oscar Wildcat
The problem with archie is that _every one_ of his videos is POETV worthy. Every single one. How do you decide? I've found plugging in to a likely title ( say "Thai bar girl disaster" ) then following the recommended produced quite a rich stream of, uhm, content.
wow...just wow.

he's like Robin Leach's younger, less talented brother.
It's great how he arranges his luggage yet apparently part of the "Fuck Off" look is to have a map of some kind tacked to the door inside of a plastic notebook page sleeve.
blue vein steel
i've watched some of his other video's prior to him showing up here. I don't really get him. He has some legit awesome watches (like the Patek Calatrava seen in the video, k all the way up to 0k), but he's almost always in a solidly British middle-class looking apartment.
blue vein steel
it doesn't even look like he can afford a cover for his thermostat

blue vein steel
ah, after watching more, he gets stuff from youtube sponsorship and e-begging

Any badass watches that he has could very well be fake also. There is a relatively large community of people that get all spergy over collecting well done high-end fake watches for some reason.

Maggot Brain
I bet that loves boiling denim.
Just on a style basis, if you're a big fatso, it's probably not a great idea to wear sunglasses where the lens wraps around the face so much.
Everybody knows aviators are for oblong face shapes. C'mon, son. Get this greasy dork some wayfarers.

blue vein steel
also, that watch is too small for a fat wrist, he needs at least a 45mm

Grandmaster Funk
/hr? So does that get you the full GFE or what?
/hr is what a third year apprentice plumber makes. FUCK OFF!
I will shoot him in the face for /hour.
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