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sasazuka - 2013-10-27

For people who are gonna quibble with my description of Cita being like a PS2 cutscene character, yeah, PS2 cutscenes usually look better than that if they're pre-rendered, but I'm talking about if it's a PS2 game from a middling studio where the cutscenes are rendered in real-time with the same graphics engine as the rest of the game. Cita is definitely a notch below even the PS2 GRAND THEFT AUTO games' 3D characters.

As for the "foreign language", Cita's speech kind of reminds me of when I see Philippine-Canadian programming on the ethnic channel and they're speaking Tagalog, but then they sometimes say whole phrases or sentences in English and then switch back to Tagalog.

candyheadrobot - 2013-10-27

Oh right, this is the BET that Boondocks always made fun of. I remember this like I remember 106 and park, in that I never watched them but know what they are, cause people.

On the end of tech though, this looks like mo-cap render from PSX, not so much PS2, so yeah that's well below those standards. I'm sure there's a larger commentary on her expressions and black culture at the time, but there's no denying it's dumb, so whatever.

Aelric - 2013-10-28

That half-english thing is part of Tagalog itself. My wife is a Filipina and through her I end up seeing a lot of telenovelas and Filipino movies. Tagalog was the amalgamation of so many very different dialects that when they created it as a common language, they used English and Spanish (due to Americas long involvement there in the early 1900's and the Spanish occupation for almost 300 years) to fill in any words that didn't commonly translate. That evolved into adopting English grammar as well, then adding more English in there to make the grammar make sense. The result is something close to what I imagined 'city-speak' to be in the Philip K. Dick short story.

Switching between Spanish, English and Filipino words and phrases mid-sentence makes it one of the craziest and most confusing languages I've ever heard. Add to that the further confusion when encountering someone form another island and their dialect of Tagalog, already a brew of 80-something dialects, change up the words and grammar.

All this does make them natural linguists in my experience, however. I've met a lot of Filipinos through my wife and every one of them spoke at least 4 languages to at least a conversational level.

EvilHomer - 2013-10-27

Cita had some nice tits.

sosage - 2013-10-27

Christ. This really did happen, didn't it?!? POETV is a repressed memory generator...

sasazuka - 2013-10-27

While this wasn't exactly a repressed memory(I remember pretty much every TV show I ever watched), in this case, I was reminded of CITA'S WORLD by the recent submission of "wendyvainities provocative take on MLP", which has a human CGI character with a very similar rudimentary look, presumably just modified from the default human character model of whichever 3D animation program they were using.


Cube - 2013-10-27

I think that's racist.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-10-27

A LOT of so-called "black comedy" I find to be just about as racist as a modern-day minstrel show. Very often, it reinforces the same stereotypes that are called out as bigoted when others riff on them.

I'm not saying they should get the same level of grief, as they're doing the time-honored comedy tradition of making fun of one's own race/class/whatever, I'd just ask "why, if this is such a problem in our country, are you DOING this?"

Hugo Gorilla - 2013-10-27

LookAtOurLibGoGirlITellItLikeItSBUHBAYDoWhitneyReallyNeedToStockUp OnSomeFiberGainYouKnowSumNahkedHorsesShiveringSomeWhereCuzLilKimNe ededSomeHairUNBEWEAVABLE.

TheBrothaManIsSexyAsAMUFWAHAndYouASingingBooBooSoYallAInteadyF orAllThatILoveMyLittleSpielsKnowWhatI'mSayin?

sasazuka - 2013-10-27

I still understand more of that better than I understand the way Cita actually speaks.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2013-10-27

Oh Jesus, Cita's World, 106 & Park, Video Vibrations, Video Soul.

90% of tv during viewership my middle school years was anime and BET.

EvilHomer - 2013-10-28

I tried to avoid BET, but it wasn't always possible given the ethnic makeup of my neighborhood at the time. Cita's World was the only one of those shows I could stand, mostly because I thought the idea of having a CGI VJ was hella cool.

I was also really into Segways.

jaunch - 2013-10-28

I literally can't understand what the hell she's saying, except sometimes she slows down and stresses "Girl!" or similar basic English words.

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-10-28

Holy crap.

dockilljoy - 2013-10-28

What do you think the process was for Cita's World? Would they just let some drunk woman who worked in BET scream into a mic for 20 minutes and then "animated" afterwards? Do you think everyone who worked on this laughed their asses off all the time when they were recording these?

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