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Desc:'It would just rain down on us. We always called it ‘black snow.’”
Category:Military, Horror
Tags:Iraq, trash, Afghanistan, burn pits, medical waste
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Comment count is 4
The Mothership - 2013-10-29
The US Military: don't breathe this.
SolRo - 2013-10-29
Bunch of 18year olds lead by 22 year olds that get orders from 30 year olds, what could go wrong?

Military base near where I live has been doing oil changes on their vehicles and dumping the used stuff wherever. They've been doing it so long that it has reached the groundwater supply.
Old People - 2013-10-30
This is a trip down memory lane. I visited Balad a few times as part of convoy ops, and swam in the pool they show at around the 2:00 mark; there's a picture of me leaping off the high dive "like a retarded baby bird", as my Team Leader put it. We gorged on hamburgers at the BK there, too. It was heaven.
My first six months in Iraq were spent on a big base with burn pits; I stayed the fuck away from them, but occasionally I had guard tower duty, and the smoke would drift past my tower, and I'd think about how fortunate I was not to be breathing that shit (burning plastic, chemicals, etc) on a daily basis. I once even visited a burn pit to throw the ziploc-bagged jawbone of a suicide bomber who'd blown himself up near me, into the pit.
My next six months were spent at an Observation Post, in near-daily combat, and one of the rotating tasks there was to burn shit from the toilets in oil drums full of JP-8 (military fuel). I probably breathed in a fair amount of dookie-laden fumes during that time.
Later on, I became a volunteer firefighter, and one of the first things we learned in Fire School was to avoid at all costs breathing in any sort of smoke, as burning modern materials releases a host of carcinogens that are deadly (over time, from cancer etc) in even tiny quantities.
RockBolt - 2013-10-30
With this, agent orange, nuclear testing, all that shit, the argument has always been that it was necessary to use, it was necessary to do despite the dangers that were known by some circles. Its war, there aren't always 'good' options. And I won't argue that. But if it really was necessary and there were no other options, then for the love of christ own up to it. "We felt at the time that nuclear war would happen, we had to expose our troops to atomic testing despite the dangers. We still believe that to be true, but we will not shirk from the responsibility to cover the health care of those who were injured" DONE. That's it. Own it and go over the top with providing for those who bore the cost. But that has NEVER HAPPENED. To this day they dance around cancer treatments for atomic veterans, 60 fucking years later. Everything that has followed has been the same broken record of deniability, lost paperwork, and manipulated studies. Utterly despicable.
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