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Desc:So, there's a TF2 hat that has its own voice lines.
Category:Video Games
Tags:TF2, unicorn, bronies, prettiest unicorn
Submitted:Crunchy Frog
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Comment count is 12
Caminante Nocturno
I claim this point for France, AND UNICORNS!
I already claimed it for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

They need a win, dammit!

You've never seen nerds as angry about a thing in a video game as you've seen them about this.

For proof, visit any given TF2 forum, or just click the "view ratings" button up there.
Monkey Napoleon
It's kind of a novel attitude for fans of a shitty game about hats to take.

According to Unicorn Law, you're my bloody wife now.

If the suggestion is that I one-starred this garbage because I'm angry about the inclusion of purchasable hats in a game or something, you're wrong on all counts. I hate everything Team Fortress 2.

I'm glad I stopped playing TF2 many years ago, when I didn't have time to not suck.
It gradually went from shooter, to MMO, to...this.

I'm glad it's this.

I might start playing it now!

So sick of hearing this TF2 hate from the POE crowd who were wildly fanatic about the game for two years after release. The hats don't do much for me, but the game still plays as well as it always has, and it's still the best multiplayer FPS for PC. Hate the hats not the game!

good thing chet isn't looking

Why hats? Because the game is good enough to bring people back as it is. By adding content (even just costume pieces) and keeping the game free, Steam gets loads of eyeballs. When you fire up the client and when you quit, you see one if not more enticing deals available for sale.

There's nothing wrong with the game or the hats. All that's at play is marketing and advertising, really. Getting mad at the fact you can get a hat shaped like a unicorn is kind of missing the actual point of the whole hat collecting thing in the first place.
Spaceman Africa
Remember when this game had an art style?
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