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Desc:Lonely kid baiting the hell out of every bully in class.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Educational
Tags:nerds, white people, TFL, mlp, bronies
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Comment count is 15
That's not a sweater worn if you're trying to persuade people. That's a sweater worn by the "evil" frat guys in a comedy set in an ivy league school.
no, that's a sweater worn to persuade people to buy jello pudding.

The Coz wouldn't be caught dead in that rag.

The New Meat
Jesus, how many of these high school public speaking class bronies are there? I don't recall ever having to sit through any awkward sales pitches disguised as class assignments from furries or otaku back in high school. Generally, they kept those proclivities to themselves to avoid ridicule, so I can only assume that today's modern bullies are asleep on the job.
it seems to be a uniquely broney phenomenon

Actually, I did a presentation on Japan my Junior year of high school (1998) using Ranma 1/2 clips to provide context.

I hope you did an adequate job explaining Japan's epidemic of panda-on-girl violence.

Don't think that's quite the same lucca

Rodents of Unusual Size
I feel so, so sorry for his teacher.
Clopping. The preferred term is "clopping". He was not batin' the hell out of the bullies, he was clopping them.
The New Meat
Baiting and bating are two different things.

Unless you're intentionally conflating them so you can make a pony reference.

The pony reference is a given, considering the content.

I am intentionally conflating them so I can make a *masturbation* reference.

The New Meat
Masturbation? What is this strange foreign word you're using? I can only understand life through a cartoon horse prism, so please use pony specific terminology only.

"Clopping." Masturbation is a human term for clopping.

You both suck at this.

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