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Desc:It's like an egg-laying puppy.
Category:Pets & Animals, Educational
Tags:platypus, scratch, natures cutest mistake
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Killer Joe
When it puts its bill in your hand you are supposed to move your thumb over to plug its nose.
I always expect them to be about the size of a beaver and it's always surprising how small they are.
Injects its venom at 0:03.
When is it -not- injecting venom?

Binro the Heretic
How far back in mammalian evolution does the "skritchy spot" go? Do we all share a common skritchy ancestor or is this a case of convergent evolution?
Syd Midnight
Common ancestor, because birds and certain reptiles have it too. You can even give scratchies to a parakeet if it really really trusts you.

Sanest Man Alive
Clearly, in prehistoric times the earth was visited by aliens who created all modern animal species (including humans!) to be companions for their hyperadvanced society's children and lonely/nutty old ladies. I'll be compiling all these assumptions, unchecked facts, folk legends and outright flim-flammery into a book entitled "Pursepets of the Gods?"

Jet Bin Fever
Now I want to see that platypus scene from Dot and the Kangaroo.
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