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Desc:mildly NSFW in an artsy kind of way
Category:Classic Movies, Classic Movies
Tags:Dennis Hopper, jack nicholson, peter fonda, Terry Southern
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I got enough problems with the booze and all
Hank and Dean on their hoverbikes.
Fuck this movie
infinite zest
The acid trip alone warrants 5 stars for me; between this and Roger Corman's "The Trip," either LSD's effects were way different in the 60s than effects I've experienced, or maybe it was just Peter Fonda.

Its effects are highly dependent on the imbiber, the situation, and the people around him. If you go looking for enlightenment, you'll probably have a somewhat mystical experience. Do it for fun, and you'll see interesting visuals. Do it "just because", and you'll have yet another experience. And of course, no matter why you take it, if you have unresolved demons taking LSD can result in the infamous "bad trip".

This has been a message of your Overly Self-Important Poster. We now return you to your regularly scheduled posts.

I disagree, there's no "just for fun" with LSD. It might very well be a fun time, but if you're really tripping there is going to be some point during where you realize that it is a really really intense experience

Fuck, this movie!
Wow, that was a pretty fantastic movie. I'm not sure what the goal of the road trip was, or if any of those encounters had deeper meaning, or why it included that completely arbitrary ending. And yet... I was thoroughly entertained.
In my tiny head it works best as a look into the counterculture perspective, not by the story it tells so much as the storytelling choices it makes. It's hard (for me, anyway) not to see Captain America and Billy as self-indulgent, but to the makers of the film they were doing something worthwhile and even noble; that tells me more about the moviemakers than about Cap / Billy.

The arbitrary ending, I think, was there because they needed an ending, it offered some shock value, and it underscored the film's opinion that mainstream America was monstrous. Which I guess I have to agree with at least partway; this was just a few years after the Civil Rights Act, Jim Crow was not that long gone and there were still a lot of shitheels afoot. (Still are to this day, but at least they realize their future is bleak and they are despised.)

If you haven't done so, this would be a good time to program your own Jack Nicholson 1969-1980 film festival.

5 for history. This movie and its unparalleled success pretty much kicked off the golden age of cinema until the double-whammy of Jaws and Star Wars introduced the blockbuster and made expensive studio flicks viable again.
The Mothership
This is a great movie, but it depresses the hell out of me.
Jet Bin Fever
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