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Desc:I don't rightly know what to make of this...
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Humor
Tags:star trek, sean young, ACTING!, Renegades, Walter Koenig
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Maggot Brain
Is this a joke? Someone paid a lot of money for this joke.
Well, if it is better than Voyager then you can count me out.

Annnd holy shit while I was typing this up Tuvok appeared.
Sorry. Spoiler Alert ^^^^

Oh hey, Tuvok! I wish they would bring captain Janeway back, too!
Good on 'em for getting Walter Koenig, but nothing says "we've got no money for sets" like 100% black backgrounds.
Or when the BWAAAAAAH sound just cuts back to the same shot of the same actor

:-( Looks kinda shit, tho I realize it's a (well funded) fan project. From the success of its crowd funding, I'm surprised there isn't continually some Star Trek show on. Seems like there will pretty much always be a guaranteed audience.

Five for Tuvok, which immediately made me think of the Little Donny episode of UCB.
Maybe has to do with cost of making the show...you can see there's a noticeable increase of elaborate CGI and full body prosthetics in newer series.

They could justify lower ratings when the budget was just for face makup, spandex body suits and plywood repairs for the sets.

Some friends of mine thought a kind of "fanfic of the week/month" should've been the way for Star Trek to continue for a while. Just get decent sci-fi writers to put out a 2-hour TV movie teleplay set in the 'Trek universe, recycle the props and sets (which have all been sold off, I think), and get a bunch of unknowns/actors who work cheap to grind these scripts out for the viewers.

If by some chance some characters/settings are a major hit with the fans, try using that as a springboard for the next franchise.

Edward Furlong is in this. I haven't seen him since American History X (Which oddly enough also stared Commander Sisco). Man, that kid grew up rough.

Also, the annoying Scientologist from SG-1. It's a regular mid-budget TV sci-fi alumni gathering.
Call me when Mr. Plinkett does his review.
I used to love the low budget Star Trek fan films that popped up on the Internet. A bunch of nerds getting together and barely having the time, tenacity, and technology to bring it together, but they still did. When the Trek actors started getting into it, they got pretty lame for all the wrong reasons. Star Trek the Star Trek ripped off one of the Trek actor fan films really hard too.
If it did, they chose a really bad story to rip off. Putting aside the reboot not really being a reboot (they've still got go-go boots and technicolor shirts), the plot was riddled with holes, didn't have much in the way of sci-fi going for it, and set up the ball to be really dropped with the second movie.

I liked that they didn't retcon what happened to Vulcan, and the actors were great choices. I just think they didn't get a compelling story for the film that we hadn't seen some flavor of before in the TV shows. Not to mention I was hoping that the reboot would have been more along the lines of "this is 'Trek in our future, not 'Trek in the future as seen from 1972."

It was Star Trek : Of Gods and Men if you want to decide for yourself. It had blowing up Vulcan in a parallel universe too. The rest of the story was way better than Star Trek TST in my opinion.

Dark, smoky hallways and people talking. Snore.
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