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BorrowedSolution - 2014-01-11

You owe it to yourself to watch this video from beginning to end.

BorrowedSolution - 2014-01-12

There's a pretty clear division between the people who ONLY imagine a coordinated conspiracy of stalking and perpetual harassment, and the ones who ALSO who think that they're being attacked directly with some sort of EMF weapon.

Is that where they draw the line between paranoid delusional and paranoid schizophrenic? Ie. one group of sufferers hallucinates the perception of being put under physical attack via remote means, and the other just thinks everybody's out to get them?

sasazuka - 2014-01-11

To be honest, even though he was a meth addict and that probably has left lasting brain damage that may be responsible for his paranoia, I don't think he's as far off the deep end as most of the "targeted individuals" who post gangstalking videos on Youtube are. I'm assuming this guy did get the treatment Dr. Phil recommended and, hopefully, he is getting better, or at least has some awareness that his paranoia is a result of his past drug use rather than some actual conspiracy against him and can learn to cope with his fears before his life becomes a total shambles.

sasazuka - 2014-01-11

Also, unless I'm forgetting something, he never actually used the term "gang stalking" at all, which means he may have avoided the paranoid schizophrenic group think on the Internet that would reinforce his delusions.

BorrowedSolution - 2014-01-11

What strikes me is that his paranoia seems to have honestly helped him quit to smoking meth. Could make a good outcome more likely because it seems like the pattern-recognition part of his brain is just shorting out, but otherwise functions pretty damn well. (ie.: whatever his rationalizations, he sure seems to have figured the whole "Smoking meth is bad for me" thing.)

memedumpster - 2014-01-11

"You know I am a mental health professional..." He's already misleading the poor guy.

Wait, how did the phone lady find evidence that the phone was tampered with, but security Doug didn't? Doug is incompetent at his fancy, expensive job.

Paranoid personality disorder sounds like a checklist for law enforcement's methods to interact with Muslims in New York.

bongoprophet - 2014-01-11

Geraldo Riviera 4 hours ago

At 00:18, so-called "Dr." Phil (Or should I say??? SHILL!> McGraw attempts to intimidate this poor man using a classic trigger phrase (I won't type it out of respect for fellow victims) related to the Greek DOG-GOD Cerberus; Project Cerberus was a CIA plot to demonize so-called 'furries' and put them under DIRECT SURVEILLANCE as their ability to commune with spirit-animals on the FIFTH-DIMENSIONAL plane is seen as a THREAT to NWO REPTILIANS.

When the RAPTURE comes, you gang-stalking DUPE SHEEPLE HAS-BEENS will cry at the feet of Jesus while GREAT JUSTICE is dealt to you from UPON HIGH.

BorrowedSolution - 2014-01-11

Geraldo left you a coded message.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2014-01-11

No project for tormenting furries would ever be given as cool a name as "Cerberus."

BorrowedSolution - 2014-01-11

A True Christian challenger approaches!

Boomer The Dog - 2014-01-11

Right, it was a dumb name, 'Burnt Furs'.

Cerberus is really awesome, I've been a fan for years, I even have a Cerberus figurine on my TV table. He doesn't look as scary as the Cerberus in books, more like a regular Dog, just having 3 heads.

Dr. Phil is doing a casting call for Furries right now, if you like costuming as an animal and conventions, but are misunderstood by family and friends.


BorrowedSolution - 2014-01-11

Whoops, sorry Boomer. I wasn't thinking that I sort of linked you to a completely imaginary gang-stalking theory. I hope it never takes off.


EvilHomer - 2014-01-11

"I will hold this show for 90 days if you agree to get some help" isn't a "deal". That's blackmail!

ashtar. - 2014-01-11

His eyebrows. /. /.

urbanelf - 2014-01-11

That's all I could see.

sasazuka - 2014-01-11

Yeah, I noticed his weird // eyebrows when I was watching this on TV on Thursday. I think it's partially due to the camera angle mainly showing the right side of his face because of where he's sitting on the stage and the lighting also hiding the \ part of his left eyebrow in the shadows on the far side of his face. When they show his face head on, his eyebrows have a proper arch.

urbanelf - 2014-01-11


Old_Zircon - 2014-01-11

The craziest thing to me is that, in light of all the NSA stuff coming out, it takes almost 3 minutes before he starts to sound very crazy.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2014-01-11

It's like most things these people come up with.

The concept that the NSA is, to some degree, spying on everyone has been shown to be true.

The idea that whole groups of agents would band together to cause mental anguish to someone for either no apparent reason or for the usual menu of "reasons" (testing mind control, softening up the populace, because they "know" something, etc.) via coordinated activities like wearing certain colors, driving cars missing hubcaps, etc. is VERY crazy.

EvilHomer - 2014-01-11

Actually, the idea of a global organization of cyber geeks tracking your every move and harassing you for no reason beyond their own amusement, is somewhat believable. Chris Chan, Jessi Slaughter, Corky, Mitch Henderson's parents; sadly, this guy did not request the most conclusive test of all - checking ED to see if someone has written an article about him.

BorrowedSolution - 2014-01-11

Ugh. I just got a cold chill down my spine at the thought that they might take an interest in him because of this.

Anaxagoras - 2014-01-11

I doubt they would. He's surprisingly run-of-the-mill for a crazy person.

Hooker - 2014-01-12

On the other hand, there are like five videos where I've been compelled to post a comment on the actual YouTube video. Three are Nick Bravo, one is the No Taco Bell Until Abortion Ends, and one is the first ever gangstalking video posted here. If first exposure to gangstalking crazies can break through my tepid asshole apathy, imagine the raging asshole reaction.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2014-01-12

I did say "agents," implying that they were being paid by an agency (most likely of governmental origin), not "assholes," like a group of vigilantes from 4chan or the like.

exy - 2014-01-12

Damn, dude. A drug that makes you so paranoid you keep buying it after you quit so no one will know you know they know.

Jet Bin Fever - 2014-01-20

I was really hoping for a scan of his brain to show all the fun electrical problems.

Rick G - 2014-01-29

I saw the video of the recent Dr.Phil show in which he interviewed an attorney about his claim of organized stalking against him. Coincidentally, I was an attorney until I retired a few months ago due to finances. I had to close my law office in Florida in 2012 due to continued harassment and hacking. As a result, my home of over 20 years is now in foreclosure, my credit is ruined.

I can attest to what I called "psychological lynching" in my color of law complaint's addendum I filed with the Justice Dept and FBI. I had to close my law office in 2012 in Florida due to continued hacking of my internet access, email accounts, iphone (personal still hacked), phony potential clients constantly calling me, etc. I was a member in good standing of the Florida Bar, without disciplinary history, for years. I have also been impliedly threatened with disability and selective enforcement of the law.

The "reasons"? I dated the wife of the fourth highest member of the local sheriff's department while I was her divorce attorney in 2003. We dated until 2011. She was a neighbor I knew in passing who, knowing I was an attorney, told me of her five year plan of divorce, but called me a year later to represent her. According to her, throughout our relationship, the ex-husband blamed me - the "attorney boyfriend" - for the divorce. When I first represented her, she instructed me to write her husband's attorney that he told her "You don't know who you're fooling with" and "I've got the goods on your attorney." I have been smeared as a pedophile and child molester for obsessively viewing a lot of adult consenting porn, some gay, while I was a Big Brother. As all applicants do, I signed a waiver of privacy authorizing law enforcement to monitor my computer, presumably real time. I would gladly be tested to disprove the smear. I cannot confront my "accusers" to disprove it. For example, three years ago, I asked the head of the sheriff's sex offender unit to test me at my expense and provide me with the names of professionals relied upon by her unit, but she declined. I never would have a gay/bisexual encounter. I did not involve my Little Brother in any way with porn, etc. Local law enforcement denies even harassing me.

I was harassed by sheriff's detective cars by my house for over a month just after my ex-girlfriend and I started dating - illegal, but understandable. But five years later beginning in 2008 (the ex-husband had retired a few months earlier), I started getting harassed by law enforcement vehicles, almost daily, for two years. This type of harassment tapered off and more subtle harassment, for law of a better term, began - people harassing me in ordinary places (a few I know, but most I don't). I later learned that this phenomenon is also called gang stalking, community mobbing, etc. I don't buy into the articles claiming mind control, microwave bombardment, etc. (Whether the articles are written by delusional individuals, were written as disinformation, etc., I don't know). I recently created a website (url - systematicpoliceharassment-pinellascountyflorida; title - My Five Years of Systematic Police Harassment in Pinellas County Florida") detailing some of the incidents. My present life is similar to that described by Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Donna Watts (discussed in my website) in her federal lawsuit filed in 2012, but actually much worse. Judge for yourself.

Even though I am intelligent and open-minded, I would have found it hard to believe that such harassment occurs. Similar to cyberbulling now being covered by the media, I think the same will be true with psychological harassment by members of law enforcement and community members on their behalf. Interestingly, people I've spoken with about some of the bizarre incidents, particularly, particularly the hacking, are now more receptive to its possibilty after recent news about the NSA, remotely hacking baby monitors and car electronics, etc.

I have lived the past five and a half years "between" people who think I'm crazy just for recounting some harassing incidents and other people (stalking me) who think I am a pedophile. In addition to the harassment, it has been nearly impossible to use the internet to meet a woman through online dating sites (e.g., match.com), to sell items on Craigslist or ebay, and to find new employment (even considering the economy and my age) due to the hacking.

OSCHENNAI - 2014-09-30

Organized Gang Stalking, Chennai, India.

I clicked on the video and it says the "video doesn't exist", i still gave it 5 stars as this article/ video spreads awareness about Gang Stalking in the net.
I am a Targeted Individual of Gang Stalking in Chennai, India for the past 5 years.
Please visit my youtube channel 'OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity' and click on the Playlists section to see Playlist OSInformers and Playlist Dr John Hall interviews to know more about this Evil

I have given the links below

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfl7G1480t1J89FVTqrGHMZ CTTw1FZRUs

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfl7G1480t1LcgGku6grhvD s05tKgqIsc

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