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Desc:For the comments
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:Aliens, satan, troll, read the comments, Motion Graphics
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Cindy Ingraham 1 month ago

You know what you are talking to are evil demons, right? These are not aliens from another planet but demons from hell. You need to know who Jesus Christ is and what he did for us. All of us God bless. 
Creature-ure-ure-ure enter-er-er-er-er the-e-e-e portal-al-al-al

Clean-ean-ean-ean my-y-y-y office-is-is-is
Oscar Wildcat
Basically just a crude simulation of this website.

Fuck, with the right keystrokes, we can invoke a ChrisChan. Top that, dying NASA guy!
Mea tulpa!

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