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Desc:This gets really good after a minute.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Ninja Turtles, n-word, ebonics, April ONeil Hoodrat
Submitted:Centennial Ostrich
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Comment count is 14
EvilHomer - 2014-01-17
Quick! Somebody call CPS!
BorrowedSolution - 2014-01-17
Rosebeekee - 2014-01-17
Five stars for Leo's voice.
BorrowedSolution - 2014-01-17
More like OR-Leo, amirite?

infinite zest - 2014-01-17
This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.


The N-word will always be a sensitive word, whether it's "nigger" or "nigga". Kind of like "slut" offends me but "cunt" does not. I don't mind the n-word in a video or song, but the title itself makes the whole thing a bit uncomfortable. It's like if the Boondocks was called "The Nigga Family." Just saying
infinite zest - 2014-01-17
Before you say anything, I have the same problem with KITH's "Running Faggot"

EvilHomer - 2014-01-18
You both say the word nigga all the time. Riley thought it was his name until he was three.

Nigga, hush!

Sexy Duck Cop - 2014-01-18
Oh for fuck's sake, change your tampon somewhere else.

Anaxagoras - 2014-01-18
Hah! Bringing attention to the useage of a problematic word is totally something a woman would do! A woman.... having her period!!! LOLOLOLOL

infinite zest - 2014-01-19
Didn't say I didnt hit favorite, whitey

VaultDweller13 - 2014-02-01
i concur, nevermind the morons.

RocketBlender - 2014-01-18
Way better than I was expecting.
exy - 2014-01-18
Yup. Way better than the movie, but that's almost guaranteed.

Anaxagoras - 2014-01-18
Seriously though... this is a pretty damn good clip.

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