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Desc:Also, this is what a Kanye West concert looks like?
Category:Religious, Arts
Tags:yes, kanye, kanye west
Submitted:blue vein steel
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Comment count is 23
SolRo - 2014-01-29
they're so happy because he's not singing.
millerman13 - 2014-01-29
oh my god ur so good
kingarthur - 2014-01-30
"Hey, Calculon's back!"
Riskbreaker - 2014-01-30
The future of music: no music, just like the future of games are less about actual games.
SolRo - 2014-01-30
on second thought, maybe he's yelling "ya'ass" as a short version for 'you ass' or 'your [music is] ass'
misterbuns - 2014-01-30
Now is a good time for Poetv is discover the conspiracy theories surrounding the occult meaning of the Yeezus tour set.
chumbucket - 2014-01-30
0:34 OH MY GAWD!!!
Jet Bin Fever - 2014-01-30
Old_Zircon - 2014-01-30
Oh man, I was just having a Facebook conversation last night about how great the whole rap illuminati conspiracy stuff is and how great it is that the rappers and producers themselves are now running with it deliberately trolling the people who believe it and then here's Kanye with a stage made to look like an illuminati "eye of providence" with his MPC for the pupil. Well played, regardless of what you think of his music.
Oscar Wildcat - 2014-01-30
Now he's going to sing a song about how great he is.
gravelstudios - 2014-01-30
I don't listen to much rap, so I'm asking this in total honesty: Is Kanye any good? If you're a rap aficionado, Is he respected and taken seriously, or is he a joke? To me, he looks and sounds like an idiot, but I'm willing to accept that there may be something I'm missing.
blood_visions - 2014-01-30
yes and no. Kanye is good as a producer and made a lot of beats for jay-z's the blueprint album. Which is a classic. Also his first 2 albums are really good. Lately I've only really dug watch the throne (album with jay-z) and like some of his radio songs. But yes he's generally considered pretty good in the hip hop community despite being a rockstar asshole

twinkieafternoon - 2014-01-30
He falls on the spectrum from "very good" to "genuinely great," depending who you ask. When he gets angry about something or has a point to prove he can make really fantastic stuff.

misterbuns - 2014-01-30
For example how he considers the moral ambiguity of blood diamonds.

On one hand they are the product of genocide, but on the other hand they 'feel so right'

i think i know what side of 'very good' to 'genuinely great' he falls for me!

Bootymarch - 2014-01-30
He is an undeniably great producer, and my beautiful dark twisted fantasy is pretty damn good, but ever since that album got some real critical acclaim his music is now "art" and he has gone full egomaniac lunatic (troll?). He sort of had something to say and said it all. He should just make beats for kendrick lamar and not utter a single word again in his life.

gravelstudios - 2014-01-30
I'm not ashamed to admit that the most recent rap song in my MP3 collection is 'I Wish' by Skee-Lo.

Old_Zircon - 2014-01-30
Kanye's 60 minutes appearance is pretty much is peak moment for me.

He's a pretty good producer but he's no MF Doom

He's a pretty good producer but he's no Dan the Automator

He's a pretty good producer but he's no RZA

He's a pretty good producer but he's no Premo

He's a pretty good producer but he's no Madlib

He's a pretty good producer but he's no Pete Rock

He's a pretty good producer but he's no Dre

He's a pretty good producer but he's no Dilla

He's a pretty good producer but he's no Blockhead

Hell, I wouldn't even take him over Edan.

Bootymarch - 2014-02-01
Well you're kind of comparing him to the absolute cream of the crop there, sans dre because he sucks and has always sucked. Yeah his production was innovative or whatever, but it was only cool for about 3 years back in the day, and he's only still relevant because he rode the eminem train.

Kanye's not one of the greatest rap producers ever, but something about the way he changed the game, for better or worse (even though it seems to be mostly for worse) was great.

P.S. you missed el-p, havoc, organized noize, whoever did the beats for the freestyle fellowship crew, and da beatminerz

gravelstudios, if you don't listen to much hip hop old_zircon pretty much gave you THE list.

SixDigitDebt - 2014-01-30
"Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed."

"I am a proud non-reader of books."

Kanye West, cultural icon.

This guy is so intellectually void that he should be scientifically studied for the presence of a black hole.
mustard - 2014-01-30
Yasss. Yasss. Do it again.

pyslexic dharmacist - 2014-02-02
Oh no, not just cultural icon. Self-proclaimed "genius."

I forget who said that bit about the smartest people being the ones who know how much they don't know....

Seven Arts/H8 Red - 2014-01-30
Kanye West IS Daddy Morebuxxx
pyslexic dharmacist - 2014-02-02
Huh, turns out I *can* stand more than 5 seconds of a Kanye show.
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